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Tuesday, 21 September 2010 15:14

Peter J Read

  • Please note: The information below was written before my notice to retire from maintaining the website, details here
  • My time has been spent  focusing on running and attempting to keep up to date  this website. The site's main function is the enormous fund of information and advice it offers for families, accessible from the right hand side of this and nearly every other page of the site. It also has a large number of professional educators and education officers as subscribers. I have operated  out of choice, in the interests of parents living in the Kent and Medway Localadvertphoto Authority areas seeking advice about admission to and problems with Kent and Medway schools. I receive little funding, but invite browsers to make a small donation towards my work, to cheer me up. On the back of this, I was also happy to work with professionals and others working in education where there is no conflict of interest on a confidential basis, including school governors and headteachers (each year I found myself working with several in difficult situations!). 
  • I have been engaged in this activity for most of the last seventeen years since being forced to retire early from my post as a highly experienced and successful secondary headteacher, with serious health issues. You will find a summary of  my education background below. I spent the previous 30 years working in education in Kent and have built up a wide range of knowledge and expertise about different schools, expectations and patterns of school admission and appeal practice and other education issues affecting families in the county.  I regularly find myself campaigning on issues affecting local families with many examples in my news pages, most famously in recent years the scandal of illegal exclusions from school Sixth Forms on academic grounds.  
  • When in post as a headteacher, I was President of the Kent National Association of Headteachers, and Chairman of Kent Careers Services (one of my special interests), and served the county on many working parties, although it is fair to say no longer in favour because of this website! In 2019 I was awarded an 'Alternative New Year's Honour', by Index Magazine, a Kent publication, for my campaigning. 
  • I wrote on education matters for Kent on Sunday for many years until its sad demise, and you can still find many of my articles here.  I have been quoted in such nationals as the The Times and the Guardian, the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, and the Daily Mail.  
  • I have appeared on both local and national radio and television commenting on relevant issues. Invitations in the last few years have included Meridian, BBC South East, Radio Four's World at One, the Today programme, BBC 2, BBC News Channel, Radio Five and Channel 4, with frequent appearances on Radio Kent.
  • I have run training courses relating to school admissions and appeals. 
  • I had a countywide reputation in Kent for taking up issues, both relating to the LA, and on behalf of individuals.
  • I have been both Chairman of Governors of my local Special School and vice chairman of Governors of a local Infants School.

I am happy to receive comments regarding this website. Amongst its multiple aims, the website was intended to provide general help and guidance for parents who have problems with schools or the education service. Regrettably, I am unable to answer general queries about education, or dispense specific advice.

Key Elements of my Education Background

  • School in Kent, including seven years idling at my local grammar school.
  • Two years idling at university before a Damascene conversion seeing me through to a top First in mathematics at London University. 
  • M.Phil in Mathematical Physics (boredom set in during my Ph.D course).
  • Appointed as first probationer teacher at England's First Sixth Form College in Luton in its first year (completely untrained but instantly qualified as a teacher, a special scheme as there was an acute shortage of maths teachers at that time).
  • Moved to The Manchester Grammar School, at that time England's most selective state grammar school, 'to widen my experience'.
  • The Harvey Grammar School, appointed as Head of Maths (at age of 25), then Deputy Head, then Acting Headteacher.
  • During this time I took my PGCE part time, and was seconded to take my M.A. in Curriculum Studies. 
  • Headteacher at Gravesend Grammar School for 14 and a half years retiring mid-year with long term medical issues. 

I subsequently obtained a professional graduate level qualification with a Diploma in Genealogy and practised for several years.



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