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Peter J Read

  • I specialise in school appeals and admissions and have run a flourishing consultancy and advisory service for the past ten years. I operate solely for parents living in the Kent and Medway Localadvertphoto Authority areas applying for Kent and Medway schools. The restriction is primarily to keep my workload to a manageable level and to ensure I have the knowledge and experience to provide expert advice across the wide range of schools in the county. I have spent the past 43 years working in education in Kent and have built up a wide range of knowledge and expertise about different schools and expectations and patterns of school admission and appeal practice. Consultants who operate nationally or have limited knowledge of just one aspect of the process will not have the in depth local experience that can make all the difference to a successful appeal or to expert admissions advice. At peak periods potential clients are advised to make early contact.
  • I am a member of the Society of Education Consultants, details at
  • I was a highly experienced and successful secondary headteacher before retirement. I have been President of the Kent National Association of Headteachers, and Chairman of Kent Careers Services.
  • I write and comment on education matters for Kent on Sunday and have been quoted in such nationals as the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, The Times and the Guardian. 
  • I appear on both local and national radio and television commenting on relevant issues and taking phone-ins. Invitations this year have included BBC 2, Meridian, BBC South East, Radio Four's World at One and the Today programme, Radio Five and Channel 4, with frequent appearances on Radio Kent.
  • I run training courses relating to school admissions and appeals and am happy to be invited into primary or secondary schools to talk to parents, staff or governors about admission and appeal issues. 
  • I have a countywide reputation in Kent for taking up issues, both relating to the LA, and on behalf of individuals.
  • I have been both Chairman of Governors of my local Special School and vice chairman of Governors of a local Infants School.

I am happy to receive comments regarding this website, news or comment for consideration, or suggestions for additional items or issues to be covered. The website is intended to provide general help and guidance for parents who have problems with schools or the education service. Regrettably, I am unable to answer general queries about education, or dispense specific advice, except through my consultancy service.

Please contact me for more information

Last modified on Saturday, 13 October 2018 15:32