Supporting Families
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You will find on this website a tremendous amount of information and advice for families who have problems or seek advice on education matters in Kent and Medway. It is also widely followed by professionals who seek independent information relating to their local education service. The website and its predecessor have now been running for 14 years  financed initially by my appeals service from which I have now retired, although it is still subsidised from a small income from advertisements. 

I continue to run the site because I firmly believe there is a need for the independent advice, information, news and comment relating to education matters it provides for families in Kent and Medway, and the many education professionals who also value the content. To the best of my knowledge, this remains a unique service across the country. 

However, it continues to take a large investment of time in keeping the many information pages up to date, preparing articles, each requiring considerable research and in some cases investigation, and providing informed responses to each enquirer.  

If you have found this site to be of value, can I therefore ask you to consider making a small donation of £15 to defray expenses and as a contribution towards the time and commitment I put in to bring this to you. 

You will find below, a simple mechanism to enable payment. 

If you are able to support me, I thank you. If not, feel free in any case to continue to use the material contained in,


Last modified on Saturday, 13 June 2020 19:51
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