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 PAGE UPDATED September 19th 2018

 I have now retired from my personal appeals support service and am restricting my advisory service to Telephone Consultations for families living in the Kent and Medway Local Authority areas. I am afraid I have no capacity to go outside this range, except to offer advice to expatriates & those moving into Kent and Medway about local schools and possibilities.

The main areas I cover include primary and secondary admissions & appeals, and In Year admissions & appeals, although I am also able to offer advice on other pages covered in this website, further details on the Telephone Consultation page.   

If you wish to seek my advice please, in the first place, fill in the Contact Me Form below, providing as much relevant detail as possible to see if I can assist you. 

Please also use this form for any general enquiries. 

Please read the relevant information page before contacting me, in order to check what information I am looking for, relevant to your enquiry. Typically, for a grammar school admission appeal this would include:
Individual scores for each Test; Was there a Headteacher Assessment (often known as Appeal) in Kent, or Review, in Medway; schools considering appealing to; town or village of residence; current school; any Special Needs; any recent information on performance - Test results, special circumstances affecting performance in the Test etc. Contact Telephone Number.
For a primary or secondary school admission: town or village of residence, current school (if secondary), schools being considered, any Special Needs, and if a selective school, the details in the paragraph above.  
I regularly advise families currently living abroad seeking to relocate to Kent, and would appreciate as much relevant information as possible. 
I will always try and give brief advice, to enable you to see if you wish to proceed or if I consider it worth your while. 
14th October 2017: Over half of the large number of enquiries I am working through since Thursday have failed to provide me with the information requested above. I am wasting considerable precious time having to repeat the request as I do not provide opinion or information without it. If you don't wish to provide it, please do not enquire as I need the time to respond to others. Although it says clearly above that I don't give Out of County advice, they keep coming including the enormous number moving into Kent in the next two months! Peter  
Last modified on Thursday, 04 October 2018 13:13
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