Supporting Families
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Can I help you, and how much will it cost?

I am continuing to offer my Telephone (or FaceTime) Consultation Service to families living in the Local Authority areas of Kent and Medway, relating to Kent and Medway schools as explained below. I also extend this service to the many expatriate families moving back to Kent, and others moving into the area, although not to speculative out of county families seeking Kent grammar schools. I am afraid I have retired from offering the full appeals service which has operated for the past twelve years. 

Basic Information

You may wish to  first visit the Education website or telephone the Department for factual advice, as below.

Kent County Council: Education Website, here. School Admissions (and other education departments), telephone: 03000 41 21 21.


Medway Council: Education Website here. Telephone: 01634 306 000.


Enquirers find the Kent County Council Schools website and Admissions Department especially helpful. Many parents find that Medway Council is not helpful, nor correct in its advice, which can vary from family to family. 

Both departments should be able to provide you with any factual information you need to assist you to make a decision, but are not allowed to offer you opinion, nor compare different options.

If your child is currently at school, you should also talk to their headteacher, who is likely to have a good knowledge of local schools and more importantly, should know your child.  


Can I help you.

I can only help you if:

  1. You live in Kent or Medway Local Authority Areas and your enquiry is about school matters in these areas. The exception is for families seeking to move into Kent or Medway, who want to find out about local schools in the area they are considering, often moving from abroad.
  2. You provide me with as much relevant information as possible to enable me to see if I can help.

What I offer

I have retired from my full personal appeals advice service, but am able to offer a range of advice on many aspects of education. This is based on a life-time in education, and twelve years of working with parents offering advice, based on my extensive knowledge of local matters, backed up by a unique and wide database of information, much of which is reproduced in this website in the information pages, indexed on the right hand side of this page. .

Areas of expertise include: advice on primary and secondary school admissions and appeals; looking for schools for those wishing to move here from elsewhere in the UK, and expatriates. Some aspects of Special Education. For other educational matters covered in these pages, let me know what you seeking and I can advise if I am able to assist.

My service.
This is provided through a Telephone or FaceTime Consultation, usually for half an hour, cost £50, but this can be extended as needs be. I will advise you before any payment, if I anticipate any further need for time. In all cases, please give me as much relevant information to enable me to see if I can help. I will then endeavour to provide you with my preliminary observations about your situation, to enable you to decide if you wish to progress.

Secondary and Primary School Appeals

I am afraid I am now only able to offer support for appeals through a Telephone Advisory Consultation before you begin the appeal process.  

For infant class appeals, please supply me with any reason you are aware of that could overcome Infant Class Legislation (see Primary page).
Next Step
In all cases, please first complete the contact me form, with details relevant to your enquiry to see if I can assist.
I will get back to you as soon as possible by phone or email to discuss possibilities and provide preliminary advice where appropriate. .
The information required will vary according to the schools concerned, but for grammar school admission or appeal this would include:
Your child's individual test scores (available from the primary school in Kent), or provided in Medway
Was there a Kent headteacher assessment (available from the primary school), or a Medway Review (details sent with your decision)? 
The town or village where you live;
Your child's current school;
Schools you are considering;
Any other relevant factors;
A contact telephone number.
All communications are confidential, unless you authorise me otherwise.

Last modified on Thursday, 04 October 2018 13:10