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Special Schools

This page is now out of date as Statements of SEN are being replaced by Education, Health and Care Plans

I will be updating this page as soon as I am able


Last updated: 26 Jan 2011

Special  Schools in Kent catering for children with Moderate Learning Needs are being phased out and are admitting no further children. In Kent there has been an increase in places for children with behavioural or social difficulties which has seen numbers maintained.

Special Schools in Kent cater for the following types of Learning Needs: Behaviour & Learning (B&L); Behaviour, Emotional & Social Needs (BESD); Communication & Interaction Needs (including Autism) (C&I); Physical Disability/Medical Needs (PD/MED); and Profound, Severe and Complex Needs (PSCN).

Parents of children with Statements of Special Education Need have the right to apply for any type of appropriate educational establishment. KCC will decide if the child fits the criteria for a particular Special School, and if there is room to offer a place. Some children travel considerable distance to attend particular Special Schools. If the Local Authority is not willing to name parents' desired school on the Statement, you have the right to appeal to HESC, but will need good reasons to justify your case.You will find some relevant statistics here.

There is information on Individual Special Schools here.

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