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Kent Secondary School Admissions 2021


Last Updated: April 2020:  Warning: Only some following takes into Account the unknown Consequences for School Admissions of Coronavirus. For further information put 'coronavirus' into the search engine of this website

Please note you will find considerable additional information about many Kent schools by entering their name in the search engine of this website, or by visiting Individual Schools

Please note that this section is rather lengthy, and hence is spread across several pages. You will find the links below.

It is designed primarily for parents resident in Kent, whose children will be transferring to state secondary schools in September 2021. Parents considering a grammar school application should also look at the pages on Kent and Medway Grammar School Admissions and Medway Secondary School Admissions.

Kent Schools


There is more information, advice and comment on the School Admission Code page. You may also find an article I wrote in September 2014 helpful. 

I am afraid I have completely retired from my Consultation Service, but I am available to give talks for parents at Kent primary and secondary schools by invitation, and am also happy to talk with groups of parents on more general aspects.  

KCC publishes annually online a Guide to Admission to Secondary School in Kent. At the time of updating this article, the 2019 Admission Guide is available here, 2020 to follow. This sets out the full rules including those relating to admissions including residence rules, assessment for grammar school, applying for Kent schools if you live outside the county, school offers, late applications and In-Year admissions, and transport including the Young Persons' Travel Pass. You will find the full formal details of the Kent Secondary transfer scheme on the KCC website here (secondary determined scheme for 2020), together with next year's oversubscription and admission rules for community and voluntary controlled schools here, and individual Foundation, Voluntary Aided Schools and academies here where, in the Spring of 2020 you will also find any proposed changes for individual schools for 2021.  

For parents applying for any school in Kent outside the normal admission round, including late applications after 1st March when you can put in an application for any Kent secondary school you have not previously considered, simply download an In Year Casual Application Form and send it to the school you are applying to. You will find further details here. This does not apply in the same way in Medway.
You will find my information on individual schools here, including admissions, appeals and performance (some pages need updating, let me know if you are interested in one of these and I will update it next)

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Last modified on Friday, 25 September 2020 19:58