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The complete set of OFSTED Reports for 2013-14 have now been published (although there may be one or two strays to come where there have been disputes over outcomes) and they confirm the very different fortunes of primary, secondary and special schools across Kent and Medway.

This article looks at the overall superb outcome of Secondary and Special School Inspections last year, with a review of primary schools to come in a following article. Overall Kent and Medway saw a remarkable 80% of OFSTED Inspections rated Good or Outstanding, against a national figure of just 67%

hartsdown                               Hugh Christie

It also looks at the fearsome future some of Kent’s non-selective schools face in terms of OFSTED and GCSE performance, with changes in the government measures of achievement. 

Between them 17 of Kent and Medway’s 23 non-selective schools that have been inspected have been found Good or Outstanding, that is 77%, well above the national average for all secondary schools. Why is it that in frenzy of debate about grammar schools, such positive outcomes for non-selective schools are so comprehensively ignored by the media and indeed by the Local Authorities?

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Thursday, 23 January 2014 00:00

Kent and Medway GCSE/Key Stage Four results

National Key Stage Four results are out today, with some fascinating insights into how schools are doing. As I observed on Radio Kent this morning, there are many other key factors, as well as examination performance and league tables that come together to make a good school, but these are key indicators of its health, provided they are read in context.

Headlines are: Once again both Kent and Medway secondary schools as a whole have performed above the national average of 60.6% for all children - Kent with 63.6%; Medway 60.9%; All three Leigh Academy Trust Schools feature in the top non-selective schools in Kent, headed up by Wilmington Academy, with 71% five A-Cs including English and maths; Bennett Memorial Diocesan School in Tunbridge Wells as usual topped the non-selective list with 81%. Highest performing grammar school is Folkestone School for Girls, having few of the advantages of the other top performers, but still gaining 100% at GCSE, coming 10th highest state or independent school in the country on average grade scores. Of greatest concern are the nine grammar schools whose students each achieved fewer than 95% GCSE Grades A-C including English and maths; and the nine lowest performing non-selective schools, all academies, all having other concerns hanging over them, with Castle Community in Deal, lowest of all at 20%, 4th worst in the country.


Just one of the nine, Bishop of Rochester Academy, at 26%, is in Medway. More details follow: .......

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Thursday, 24 January 2013 22:07

Kent & Medway School League Table Results

For the second time this week, I have been on BBC SE and Radio Kent commenting on a Kent education story (also previous item below) as Government published the GCSE and A Level League tables.  Not only do I have my reservations about the tables as a whole, there are several different ways of presenting them, to make particular points, for high and low performers.  

Not surprisingly, in both Kent and Medway, the grammar schools dominate the top of each set of tables, with no non-selective school intruding on their positions. If one considers the % of students achieving 5 GCSE Grades A*-C or equivalent, including maths and English, just eight out of 39 grammar schools:.....

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