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Although I am no fan of Free Schools in principle, I can quite understand why a group of people of Deal has proposed a new Free School in the area, with age range from Nursery through to 18 plus, following the disaster at Castle Community College.

This article also looks at other new academies  and Free Schools opened and proposed,  along with several snippets of news....

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his article looks at updates on a number of previous articles about individual schools: the proposed resiting of Barton Court Grammar School at Herne Bay (updated 20 May); Castle Community College's Special Measures Classification; St John’s Primary School, Canterbury, headteacher resurrected; and the redesignation of Furness Special School.......

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Update 23 November

On Wednesday, Kent County Council Education Cabinet Committee approved the merger of Castle Community College and Walmer Science College, although as explained below, it is apparent that this means the effective closure of Walmer. The two schools will be combined on the Castle Community site with a major PFI funding allocation of some £20 million for renovation, to provide new buildings, this being one of only two Kent secondary schools to benefit from this particular scheme this year. You will find the papers for the committee, including parental comments, together with  a webcast of the debate will be found here.  Understandably there is anger in Walmer......

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