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Thursday, 18 April 2013 15:20

Secondary Reallocations

The reallocation round operated by Kent County Council on behalf of Kent schools has now been completed, and parents should have received letters informing them if they have been successful. Medway reallocation letters are due towards the end of next week. . 

The Judd School and Tonbridge Grammar School have both seen significant reductions in their cut off scores, probably a reflection of the additional class of entry that each school has admitted this year. There has been little or no movement at Skinners (but see below). 

The Judd School, which initially offered places on scores of 417, has seen a sharp fall to.......


412 the likelihood being that some boys have been lured away by the private sector which is also chasing its league table positions.   

The Tonbridge Grammar Inner cut off score has reduced from 407 to 398 (most 398s being offered places). I understand there were were fewer girls in this range than in previous years, so the fall is not as dramatic as it looks.The Outers score has only reduced from 415 to 413, partly because fewer outers have released their places, but also presumably because of the high number of girls in that range.  

The Skinners' School offered places down to a score or 411 at allocation in March, but there appears no significant movement in this week's reallocation, with some boys on 410 not being offered places. However, a report on the 11 plus exams website states the poster has been told by the school that because of KCC errors, this may be incorrect. 

 It looks as if Hillview School, Tonbridge, had already offered a number of waiting list places expecting to lose some girls from the shuffle. Historically, Hayesbrook School has offered places to all boys who have appealed, but I have not heard if this is happening for 2013 entry. 

I would be very happy to learn of other developments  from selective and non-selective schools where there has been movement, with  detail if possible so that other concerned parents can be kept informed.

Re-allocation lists now pass to schools from KCC (and Medway). If and as further places are released  by children turning down offers previously accepted, schools should then reallocate them to the next children on the waiting lists. This process continues until the appeals. If further places are offered at appeal, no additional reallocation takes place until and unless the total number of accepted offers falls back to below the Planned Admission number, when it can be topped up back to that figure (not the larger figure reached after the appeals). In practice, it is rare for re-allocation to take place after appeal. 

This entry will be updated as information is received. 

Last modified on Wednesday, 09 September 2015 21:55

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