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Tuesday, 16 October 2012 15:46

Medway 11 Plus Results for 2013 entry.

Updated with Review results, 12 November 2012.

November 2013 update: It turns out that the Review figures supplied by Medway Council below below were incorrect. You will find the correct figures here


I now have the results of the Medway Test taken in September, including results at Review given below. Unusually, Medway Council has not reached its target of 25% of the Medway cohort passing the Medway Test, automatic passes being 22.3% against a target of 23%, and Review successes being 1.4% against a target of 2%. This means that a possible 38 additional children could have been offered places and the Council still kept to the 25% planned for, the council presumably arguing that there were insufficient children with the required ability applying for grammar school places. 

Currently in Medway there are 926 grammar school places available for next year's Year Seven entry, with just 694 qualified Medway children to fill them. Last year at allocation on 1st March  there were some 100 vacant spaces in Medway grammar schools, so normally I would forecast more for the coming year, except that the Chatham Tests are likely to fill a quantity of these. 

The full table is as follows,..........


"Children in cohort" being the number of Year 6 children in Medway, this figure being used as the base for the percentages quoted.

  Children in Cohort Candidates Successes % successes % of cohort
MEDWAY AUTOMATIC PASSES 2926 1657 653 39 22.3
  boys 758 278 37  
  girls 899 375 42  
MEDWAY REVIEW PASSES boys 86 19 22  
  girls 115 22 19  
  TOTAL 201 41 20 1.4
MEDWAY TOTAL PASSES boys 758 297 39  
  girls 899 397 44  
  TOTAL 1657 694 42 23.7
KENT AUTOMATIC PASSES boys 199 124 62  
  girls 198 130 66  
KENT REVIEW PASSES boys 16 4 25  
  girls 17 3 18  
KENT TOTAL PASSES boys 199 128 64  
  girls 198 133 67  

Other Out County

  24 16 67  


The Medway cohort is its lowest at 2926 since I have been keeping records, confirming that school rolls in Medway are still falling.

The pass score is set to select approximately 23% of children and this year the target is slightly undershot, which may have been eased with a small number of children having their English test results upgraded following moderation. There is no facility for requesting a  re-mark. The number of girls succeeding with the Medway Test has been considerably larger than the number of boys ever since I have been keeping statistics, but this is the first year I have asked for the number of candidates by gender. With nearly 20% more girls than boys taking the test, it is hardly surprising that they come out top in the success rate, but a difference of 97 children  is still remarkable. My own view is that this is because girls will tend to do better than boys on the English task, which accounts for 2/5 of the total marks. 

It also explains why there are more grammar school places provided for girls than for boys. 

There is a small increase in the number of Kent children being found successful in the Medway Tests, although there is a sharp fall in those from outside the county, with 16 in total, including 3 each from Bexley and Lewisham. Needless to say few if any of these will take up places in Medway grammar schools as many will look to their own area as priority, and are using Medway as a back up (just as many Medway children use the Kent Test in the same way).  

You will find the outcomes from previous years here.  

Last modified on Tuesday, 04 March 2014 17:09

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