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Wednesday, 17 October 2012 18:31

Kent Eleven plus results and my Telephone Consultation Service


The pass mark for the Kent 11 plus Test is the same as last year. Children must have achieved a total score of 360, with a minimum of 119 in each paper or found to have been selective on the Headteacher Assessment. The pass is set to allow 21% of children attending Kent primary schools through, although the pass standard is the same for all other children as well. Approximately another 4% are found selective through the Headteacher Assessment process, explained here, about half way down the page. If your child is found successful at the HTA they are classified as selective and will be treated equally with any other child at grammar schools which ask for a pass as the academic standard (i.e. except for the super-selectives). If parents wish to know the scores on individual papers, they will need to contact their primary school. 

In practice,.......

the only children whose futures will be affected by the actual scores are those considering applying for the so called super-selective grammar schools, and those considering appealing against a non-selective decision. There is no mechanism to appeal against a decision which finds your child non-selective, but you are still able to apply for one or more grammar schools, and then appeal against their decision not to offer your child a place at their school in March. Remember that a grammar school assessment does not entitle you to a grammar school place, but after appeals and realloction of vacant spaces fro 2012 admission, I believe there was just a handful of boys left empty handed, all to the north of the West Kent area.  

There is a slight variation in the maximum mark which will only afffect those applying to super-selective schools. You will find details of this below

I will publish  figures for the Kent Test similar to the Medway ones below, as soon as my FOI request to KCC is met.  

I am able to offer advice on all aspects of the admission process and naming schools on your SCAF which needs to be completed by the end of October, through my Telephone Consultation Service. Each Kent grammar and non-selective school has its own distinct profile with regard to patterns of admission and appeal, and I have a large store of local knowledge and experience to guide you through these processes if you are unsure what steps to take. I am afraid that, mainly due to pressures on time, I have to draw a line and can only advise parents living in Kent and Medway (not Bexley or the other old Kent London boroughs). Further my expertise and knowledge apply only to schools in Kent and Medway. Sorry.

In  all grammar school cases I would need the scores before being able to provide a response. Each year I advise a large number of Kent and Medway parents in October for both grammar and non-selective schools  This covers issues relating to school admissions and appeals before the closing date, this year on October 31st (National Closing Date) and can take in for example: which schools to place on the admission form; non-selective schools, the likelihood of being offered a place at a particular school; chances of a successful appeal if not offered a place in March; of grammar schools and grammar school appeals.I have a sound knowledge of the local situation relating to each  school, and if possible will give a brief response to each situation, although more detailed issues should be left to a Telephone Consultation. I find that nearly all issues can be resolved in a half hour consultation, costing £45. If parents subsequently choose to use my services for an appeal this sum will be fully refunded so there is no overall cost. If parents book a consultation and I can see an appeal would be worthwhile, I can guarantee to support you at this time, even if my service is fully booked in March (we came very close this year!).

Last modified on Tuesday, 04 March 2014 17:08

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