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Monday, 01 October 2012 19:42

Changes to Oversubscription Rules for Kent & Medway Secondary Schools,admission 2013

I believe there are more changes in the rules for prioritising applications to secondary schools in Kent & Medway for 2013 than any previous year I can recall. This article lists the changes as they affect individual schools. If a school is not mentioned, its rules remain the same as for 2012 entry (please let me know if I have left any out). See the Kent Secondary Admissions prospectus for more details of individual changes and also the criteria for the three new Free Schools.

A major change in the oversubscription rules for many Kent schools is the removal of the priority that read: “children resident within the same scheme of education as the school”. ......

This was confusing to many families, with the county being divided into two schemes: ‘selective’ (previously served by grammar and non-selective schools) and ‘comprehensive’ - areas in the rural districts of Romney Marsh, Tenterden, Longfield, Paddock Wood, and Swanley. This priority has now been replaced in most instances by: “Nearness of children’s homes”, a much simpler concept, measurement of distance being in a straight line. Those schools with this change alongside other new priorities are recorded as (N) below. Oakwood Park and Tonbridge Grammar Schools, and the Towers School are the only schools in Kent to have kept a priority of “within the same scheme of education”

 Several schools have introduced a priority allowed under new rules: 'children of staff where the member of staff has been employed at the school for two or more years at the time at which the application for admission to the school is made, and/or the member of staff is recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage'. This priority is called ‘children of staff’ below.

Changes to rules for Kent grammar schools: Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys – has become semi super selective, details here; Sir Roger Manwood’s school – new priority, children of staff; Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys – removal of 'same scheme of education' priority, replaced by (a) children living within 3 miles of school (b) children in lengthy list of named parishes (c) then distance (you will find the priority list in the Kent Propsectus, but not on the school website, as required by the Admission Code). A similar change (but not the same) is made for Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Girls).

Change from 'same scheme' to 'nearness': Barton Court Grammar School; Dover Grammar Schools for Boys and Girls; The Harvey Grammar School; Invicta Grammar School; Maidstone Grammar School for Girls; Norton Knatchbull School; Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School; Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Girls.

Changes to rules for Kent non-selective schools: High Weald Academy (previously Angley School – but no change); Aylesford School – priority areas removed, also (N); Brockhill Park Performing Arts College – criteria made legal with a distance tie breaker introduced; Canterbury Academy – a banding criterion introduced in an attempt to recruit a comprehensive intake – children take a banding assessment and are then allocated to an ability band that recruits the specified number of children on distance grounds;  Castle Community College (proposed merger with Walmer Science College (N) for 2013 but no other changes to rules);  Fulston Manor School – two additional criteria – children of staff – children attending primary schools in the Fulston Manor multi-academy trust; Hillview School for Girls -  new criterion, children of staff; Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre – new criterion, four places made available for children with exceptional music ability – removal of priority for children from named local parishes; The John Wallis CofE Academy, major changes – removal of all religion based criteria except one at the sixth priority for admission (school currently well undersubscribed!), new priorities for - children in the new lower school of the academy (previously Linden Grove Primary School) - children of staff - children in part of TN23 post code;  the North School – distance priority changed to ‘Children who live nearer to the North School than any other maintained non selective school or academy’ , then distance; Sandwich Technology College – new priority, children of staff.

Changed to 'nearness': Abbey School; Astor College; Community College, Whitstable; Dartford Science & Technology College; Hextable School; Northfleet School for Girls; St Augustine Academy; Swadelands School; Swan Valley Community School.

 Medway: Chatham Grammar Schools for Boys & Girls, as well as admission by success in the Medway Test, additional entry qualification through Kent Test; Fort Pitt Grammar School introduces the most dramatic change of all, from the traditional priority for those nearest the school to (a) girls living within two miles of the school (b) girls living in named parishes on the Hoo Peninsula (c) distance grounds (the priority for the Hoo Peninsula stops the anomaly that such girls normally only qualify for Chatham Grammar School which they are often unable to get to), my previous comments are here; Brompton Academy, Rainham School for Girls and the Robert Napier School, all have additional priority for children of staff.

Last modified on Tuesday, 04 March 2014 17:06

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