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Friday, 13 April 2012 06:39

Secondary Transfer - reallocation news

A few snippets picked up mainly  from parents, some confirmed on 11 plus exams website.  Thanks for any information sent in, and to come.

Tonbridge Grammar School cut off for Inners has fallen sharply from 413  to no more than 409. No news yet on outers. Judd has seen some, but not all, 417s offered places, down from 418. Skinners has offered at least down to 412, from 414. Seven places offered at Tunbridge Wells Boys, a few  at Wilmington Boys. There appears tohave been no movement at Fort Pitt and Rochester Grammar in Medway.

Now that the first reallocation has taken place, centrally organised by KCC, the process is delegated to individual schools who operate it from their own waiting lists, as places arise.....


This is different from previous years, when places were allocated by the Local Authority on set dates. This makes the process much clearer and fairer (if applied properly) when taken in conjunction with the appeals process. For an oversubscribed school, once the appeal process is finished, there is no further reallocation until the number of children who have accepted places falls back to the Planned Admission number. At least, that is the rule, but as there are no sanctions for breaking the rules, some schools may go their own way.  Already Westlands School  has offered places to most children on their waiting lists for the second year running, there having been no sanction in 2011. I would not be surpriaded to see at least one grammar school  break ranks in this way, as popular schools take advantage of their situation to expand numbers.

Last modified on Sunday, 14 April 2013 07:52

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