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Friday, 30 March 2012 18:26

Primary School Admissions, 2012 offers, now including Medway data

 now have figures for the outcomes of reception year school admissions for schools in Kent and Medway for admission in 2012


Rise in number of Kent children being offered none of their chosen schools, explained by rise in pupil numbers.

Sharp rise in proportion of Medway children not being offered first choice of school.


More details below........


The Kent figures provided are: 

Kent Offers




No. of pupils


No. of pupils


Offered a school named on the application form





Offered a first preference






Offered a second preference





Offered a third preference






Allocated by local authority





Total number of offers




The increase in children allocated a place by KCC (i.e. didn't get a school of their choice) continues to rise steadily. The parallel figures for Kent on this day last year can be found here, and show that the figure of allocated places was actually 4.7%, as a small number of out of county offers are not accounted for until later. I have been raising my concerns about the provision of primary school places for some years. You will find a recent article here. At present we don't know the steps that KCC has taken to minimise the problem, but I should have this within two weeks (FOI).   

*            *         *       *

The relevant Medway figures are as follows: 


  2012 2011 2010
  No of Medway Pupils  %

No of Medway pupils

% No of pupils %
Offered a named Medway school 2980 97.0 2842 97.4 2873 96.0
Offered first preference 2731 88.9 2678 91.8 2775 92.7
Offered second preference 184 6.0 127 4.3 98 3.3
Offered third preference 52 1.7 31 1.1    
Offered fourth pref 13 0.4 6 0.2    
Allocated by Medway 90 3.0 75 2.5 107


Total of applications 3071   2917   2980  

The number of Medway children offered a place at a non-Medway school is 73, with 42 non-Medway children offered places in Medway primary schools, all of these were a preference expressed by the parent/carer. Most of these will have been in the Walderslade area, where the county boundary crosses the M2. 

The percentage of Medway reception aged children being offered one of their four named schools is 97.0% slightly down from 97.4% last year. These figures will always be higher than those of Kent, who only allow parents to name three schools. However, the number who were not offered their first choice has risen significantly from 7.3% in 2010, to 8.2% in 2011, to 11.1% this year. This year's increase will be down to the 5% rise in pupil numbers ofr 2012 Year R.

*      *      *      *

You will find my advice on Infant Class appeals here. Sadly, very few appeals are successful, because of Infant Class Legislation, which you will find explained on the same page.  

Last modified on Wednesday, 16 October 2013 07:24

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