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Monday, 07 November 2011 11:54

Medway Test Results updated to include Review outcomes

I now have the results of the Medway Review process which shows 61 Medway children successful at Review, against a 2% figure of 59. Please note that I have not collected data by Test Centre, as I do not believe they will reveal anything untoward, although other FOI requests submitted by parents are exploring those issues and I will report on them if relevant. The figures are:.............



in Cohort

Boys Entered

for Review

Girls Entered

for Review

Boys Passed


Girls Passed


% of whole cohort



Overall Passes Pass %
Medway Children 2949 115 136 27 34 2.06% 744 25.22%
Kent Children 15 17 3 5 239
Others 1 1 0 0 36

The total number of Medway boys who passed (taking  Review into account) is 342. For girls the figure is 402. 

Before the Review outcomes are included, out of a Year 6 Medway cohort of 2949 children, there were 1636 children who sat the Medway Test. Of these 368 girls and 315 boys passed. Another 127 girls and 104 boys from Kent passed the Medway Test, together with a further 36 children, mainly from the London Boroughs. 24 of these were from the London Borough of Redbridge, suggesting a  private school or tutor that puts them in for practice with little or no intention of taking up places, so can be disregarded..

This gives a Medway pass rate of 23.2%, very close to the target of 23%. If there were no adjustments due to the problems at Rainham and Chatham Grammar School for Boys, one would expect 59 Medway children to be successful at Review.  In fact there were 61. 

There are currently 926 grammar school places (excluding those at the Howard School) in Medway, before any additional numbers from school appeals. There are therefore ample grammar school places available for all qualified children, as many (most?) of the Kent children will have applied as a back up to their Kent preferences and will not now be looking for Medway schools. With Rainham Mark Grammar School being co-educational, one cannot draw firm conclusions for boys and girls separately, except to note that the two  boys' grammar schools have 314 places between them and the three girls' grammar schools have 437 places.

The pass mark for the Medway Test this year is 505. Although this differs slightly from last year's 508, and well down on the year before that, there is no significance in the variation; it merely reflects the complex method used by Medway to establish standardised scores. The pass mark is still fixed to allow 23% of all Medway children to pass automatically. Children living outside Medway have to achieve the same standards but do not figure in the calculations to determine pass marks. For 2011 entry, there were 56 successful reviews for Medway children out of 249 in total, from a Medway cohort of 2905. That is 1.93% of the total cohort. There were also 21 Kent children who went for review, of which 6 were successful. See here for further statistics. You will find considerable information and comment on the problems with the 2011Medway test here

Whether or not you have gone to review, you cannot appeal until March, and then only to a school you have applied to by 31st October and from which you are rejected on decision day. Feel free to contact me at the beginning of March if you need support for an appeal.

Written on Saturday, 22 October 2011 15:44 Be the first to comment! Read 385 times
Last modified on Monday, 25 February 2013 18:54

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  • Comment Link Monday, 13 August 2012 11:10 posted by AAnnabel Amadi

    What is the pass mark for this year's 2012 Medway test.PETER: as my website makes clear in many places, the pass mark depends on the number of candidates and their performance and adjusts to the difficulty of the test. As a result the pass mark can vary widely from year to year, but in no way is it a guide to the standard which remains at selecting 23% of all Medway children.

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