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Sunday, 06 November 2011 18:39

Kent Test Results - 6th November update

The Kent pass mark is an aggregate of 360 from the three tests, with a requirement for all three scores to be 319 or greater. This standard is chosen to select 21% of all children in the Kent selective areas. Another 4% of children in the selective areas are added through the headteacher assessment procedure, to bring the total to 25%. For 2012 entry, the pass rate for children living in the Kent selective areas was 25.7%, a little over the target figure of 25.0%..........


Children from the non-selective areas of Kent (served by Angley School, Homewood School, Longfield Academy, Mascall's School, Marsh Academy) and out county candidates have to achieve the same scores. The following table shows the outcomes of the test. 

Kent Grammar School Assessments for Year 6 children, for Admission in September 2011

This includes totals after Headteacher Assessments (Appeals) have taken place. 

Boys Girls  Total
Living in Kent Selective Areas 7008 6827 13835
Children living in Kent selective areas who sat test 3717 3939 7656
% who sat test 53.0% 57.7% 55.3%
Above children assessed grammar 1774 1786 3560
% given grammar assessment 25.3% 26.1% 25.7%
Kent children tested outside selective areas 513 545 1058
Kent children outside selective areas found grammar 226 226 452
Children outside Kent tested 1258 1087 2345
Children outside Kent found grammar 722 584 1306

The number of out county children successful in the Kent Test is up from the 1156 of 2010, but only a small proportion of these children actually take up places in Kent grammar schools (137 boys and 117 girls offered places in Kent Grammar schools in March 2011 for admission in September). 

The pass score may appear to be less forgiving than 2010's aggregate 360 with each mark needing to be 117 or more that allowed the child to dip a little in one subject, but the same proportion of children has been selected, and the headteacher assessment process is designed to pick up those of the required standard who may have fallen short. I had expected the shift in marks to favour boys, but the overall pass rate belies this theory, possibly because of results form the Headteacher assessment. 

The number of children who sat the test is almost identical to last year, at 11,003 (10,947 in 2010). 4020 Kent children passed the test, a small decline in numbers from 2010 (4139), reflecting the smaller number of children in the age group.

Sadly, Kent's Choice Adviser scheme, offering free advice independent advice on secondary transfer issues has fallen victim of government economies, but you should certainly speak to your child's primary headteacher about any admission issues, KCC Secondary Admission Team on 01622 696565 may be able to help, or of course you can use my popular Telephone Consultation Service which offers independent advice taking into account individual circumstances and local situations. A half hour session is usually sufficient to cover all relevant issues, but if you send as full details in as possible, I can advise you if a longer session would be necessary. You should find the page Kent Grammar Schools  provides considerable information and advice on application. 

Last modified on Monday, 25 February 2013 18:54

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