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 The title quotation from the new Ofqual Regulator, Dr Jo Saxton, heads a profile of her contained in Schoolsweek last week. A few months ago, the same website also recorded a comment that  In the past, being a close confidante and policy adviser to the secretary of state for education would be seen as a straightforward disqualification for a non-ministerial departmental role like this, but clearly the civil service recruitment panel and Gavin Williamson has taken a different view’, and so has had to walk a difficult path in focusing on her virtues. 

The profile begins with a reference to her role as CEO of Turner Schools, which she co-founded, and which is the subject of several critical articles on this site countering the many extravagant claims she has made for the academy Trust, as she sought the headlines with no semblance of hiding away in an attic.

Published in Peter's Blog

Warwick Mansell, on his Education Uncovered website, looked extensively at this appointment, including Dr Saxton's 'impeccable' political connections as a qualification for the post. He also drew on several of my articles, to illustrate her unsuitability for the post.

The parliamentary Pre-Appointment Hearing for Dr Jo Saxton as Chief regulator of Ofqual covered many issues relating to the role but for Kent families, those relating to her leadership of Turner Schools between  2017 and 2020 were particularly relevant and illuminating. The questions posed about that leadership by the Labour MP, Kim Johnson were clearly based on my previous article about her appointment here. This looked objectively at Dr Saxton's performance as CEO and focused on three key themes I had raised: Finance, Discipline and the Haemorrhaging of Pupils, which I explore further below. Her performance began and ended with 'I am incredibly proud of the things that the team and I achieved at Turner Schools'.

Quote from Schoolsweek: 'In the past, being a policy adviser to the secretary of state would be seen as a straightforward disqualification for a non-ministerial departmental role like this'.

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