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Displaying items by tag: Medway Grammar Schools

I have uncovered shocking statistics relating to the Medway Test for grammar school admission that show it both discriminates sharply against boys, as compared with girls, and also against younger children as against those born in the first half of the school year. Surely neither of these levels of discrimination should be acceptable to Medway Council or the families of the children so disadvantaged, especially younger boys who get caught both ways. ......

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Thursday, 13 June 2013 00:00

Chatham Grammar Schools and the Kent Test

The introduction of the Kent Test by the two Chatham grammar schools as an alternative assessment to the Medway Test has caused considerable confusion to Medway Council. Success in the Kent Test is now a recognised qualification for entry to the two schools, so children who have taken the Kent test but not passed have the right to put in a late application to the appropriate Chatham grammar school. They would then be turned down on grounds of non-qualification and can then appeal directly to the school. As there are still spaces at both schools, if parents can provide appropriate evidence that their children are of grammar school standard, they stand a good chance of winning an appeal and therefore a place.

However, Medway Council officials have failed to understand the rules......

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Medway Secondary Common Application Forms (SCAF) are due in by 31st October, the National Closing Date. For Kent  - because of the half term break, KCC will accept SCAFs that are received by the Kent primary school headteacher by the morning of 7 November, or that are made online up to 23.59 on 5 November. I am not sugggesting you should leave them that late. 

Some general thoughts and then a look at a few specific parts of Kent, where there may be changes developing ; .......

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012 15:46

Medway 11 Plus Results for 2013 entry.

Updated with Review results, 12 November 2012.

November 2013 update: It turns out that the Review figures supplied by Medway Council below below were incorrect. You will find the correct figures here


I now have the results of the Medway Test taken in September, including results at Review given below. Unusually, Medway Council has not reached its target of 25% of the Medway cohort passing the Medway Test, automatic passes being 22.3% against a target of 23%, and Review successes being 1.4% against a target of 2%. This means that a possible 38 additional children could have been offered places and the Council still kept to the 25% planned for, the council presumably arguing that there were insufficient children with the required ability applying for grammar school places. 

Currently in Medway there are 926 grammar school places available for next year's Year Seven entry, with just 694 qualified Medway children to fill them. Last year at allocation on 1st March  there were some 100 vacant spaces in Medway grammar schools, so normally I would forecast more for the coming year, except that the Chatham Tests are likely to fill a quantity of these. 

The full table is as follows,..........

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Kent maximum scores comment below updated 29 October.

The results of the Medway Tests were received by parents today, with an aggregate score of 509 being sufficient to secure a pass. More details below. 

Soem children who have taken the Kent Test will receive a score higher than the previous maximum, although this will make no difference to the allocation of places as it is just a slightly different standardisation range to previous years. I can see only one grammar school in Kent where it is likely to be relevant.   More details below.....

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Thursday, 28 June 2012 20:08

Medway Test 2013 & last year's debacle

Now that the outcomes of last year's Medway Test debacle have been settled and all appeals heard, accompanied where relevant by an apology from Medway Council, it is timely to look at the consequencesfor the imminent tests for 2013 entry.  

Medway Council, highly embarrassed by its own poor management of the Medway Tests last year, has reorganised the organisation of the tests to be taken in September 2012. Children attending all Medway state primary schools will take the tests in their own schools.  44 of the 62 primary schools will take the Medway Tests on Tuesday 18th & Wednesday 19th September, the remaining 18 on Saturday 22nd September. Each school could choose which arrangement it wished to follow. Two private schools will also use 18th & 19th, St Andrews is going for 22nd, and pupils at Kings School, Rochester will take the tests at an independent centre, along with out of county children. The full list of schools is in the Medway Secondary Admissions brochure, available here, or from Medway Council directly. 

The logistics of this arrangement will be complicated......

Published in Peter's Blog

The Report on the 'thorough investigation' into the problems with the Medway Test has now been published. Parents may be relieved to learn that "thankfully the children were not adversely affected" although the large number of complaints reportedly received by Medway Council and the Local Government Ombudsman, the record number of entries on a Medway Messenger blog (currently standing at 514)  and my own email inbox suggest otherwise.  According to Mr Les Wicks, Portfolio holder for Education at Medway Council (Serving You),.......

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011 21:26

Medway Test Shambles

There is no doubt that the planning and operation of the Medway Tests at the Rainham School for Girls and Chatham Grammar School for Boys  was a shambles and the problems should never have occurred. Details are explained in the news item elsewhere in this website. Last year I was involved in a similar controversy at the Chatham Grammar School for Boys centre, which resulted in the Ombudsman and Medway Council agreeing on the faults and the Council promising to do better for 2011. In fact, the quality of provision at these two sites is, in my judgment, considerably worse......

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The Medway Tests for Entrance to Grammar School in September 2011 had problems in two Test Centres this year. Children from a number of primary schools who sat the test at Chatham Grammar School for Boys had their test papers collected in early and then they were given out again, causing disruption, and children at the other centre were the victims of disruptive behaviour by some of the candidates. My advice was to complain to the Local Government Ombudsman and he has recently concluded his investigation....

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Children at the Chatham Grammar School test centre, had their maths test halted five minutes early and some papers were collected in. The children were then given the correct time, but the confusion will certainly have affected some pupils' chances of success, especially as they then had to sit the English test
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