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  Governors of Barton Court Grammar School in Canterbury, have decided the school should remain in the city, rather than pursue the proposed move to Herne Bay which would also have enabled the school to be enlarged.  

Barton Court

The proposal, outlined in previous articles on this website, split parents with many living in the city fiercely opposed to a move to the North Coast. In the other camp, many parents and especially prospective parents living on the North Kent coast around Herne Bay and Whitstable welcomed the proposal for a brand new local school building, with excellent facilities in an area where it was becoming increasingly difficult to access a grammar school place because of rising numbers in Canterbury and along the coast. 

Meanwhile, at the other end of the county in Sevenoaks, the county's second proposal to enlarge a grammar school in new premises continues on the tortuous path it has now followed for three years. Planning permission for the proposed annexe and the new Trinity Free School has been approved without difficulty, but there is still no sign of a clear and legal agreement about which school or schools are to run the annexe......


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Barton Court Grammar School in Canterbury has now gone out to Consultation on its proposed move to Herne Bay, details here. In previous articles I have discussed the proposal which has now been amended and refined to read as follows: "proposal to relocate the School to the former Herne Bay Golf Club site from September 2017 and to expand to 5 forms of entry. We have been offered an opportunity to build a new school within a proposed housing and sports complex development by Newmaquinn Ltd”. 

Barton Court

The proposal is being challenged by all non-selective schools in the Canterbury district, on the grounds that there is no call for an extra grammar school class in the area, and to fill it would require the school to admit more students on appeal, who were initially non-selective, changing its character.

Unfortunately, both Barton Court's rationale for increasing its size and a letter to the press from the non-selective heads contain too many errors in the statistics they quote, the cases therefore becoming mutually contradictory. As a result, no conclusions can be drawn from the statistics in either of these two documents. The letter to the press has also gone to BCGS, KCC and the two local MPs. 

I have carried out my own analysis of the data, using information from KCC under Freedom of Information requests, and conclude that the BCGS case for expansion is sensible,  but not on the grounds they give......

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Back in July, I reported the proposal for an East Kent satellite grammar school sponsored by Barton Court Grammar school and based in Herne Bay.

The plan appears to have changed in principle and, rather than a satellite, the proposal is now for Barton Court to shift its base entirely to Herne Bay, replicating the plan put forward in the 1980s to address the shortage of grammar school places on the North Kent Coast. However, this is not just a change of site, the proposal is for Barton Court Grammar to expand to six forms of entry, with the support of the developer of the site on the old Herne Bay Golf Club land, one benefit of a grammar school being the likely enhancement of status for his housing development. The capital cost of the project would be part funded from sale of the current city centre site, part from the developer, although there would probably be a shortfall that may be the main issue. Canterbury City Council is highly supportive of the move, as it would remove a major source of the heavy traffic problems in the City, so it would fall to the school persuading KCC, Canterbury Council and or government to make up any funding gap.

Much of the background rationale for the move is explained in my previous article, although the proposal to move the whole school lock, stock and barrel is far more radical and raises fresh issues and benefits........

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Now that Kent County Council appears confident the legal issues surrounding a satellite grammar school in Sevenoaks have been overcome, a second proposal has come forward for a satellite at Herne Bay in East Kent, although this idea has none of the problems that have beset Sevenoaks.

The plan has been initiated by Sir Roger Gale, MP for North Thanet, following discussions between himself, Barton Court Grammar School, Kent County Council and a property developer - Quinn Estates from Canterbury and replicates a similar scheme proposed a quarter of a century ago, whose failure to be implemented has left festering problems ever since. Children of grammar school ability in Herne Bay and Whitstable have had difficulties in securing selective places for many years, as the four nearest grammar schools: Queen Elizabeth’s in Faversham; and Simon Langton Boys, Simon Langton Girls and Barton Court all in Canterbury are all regularly oversubscribed. Indeed, this year QE was the most oversubscribed grammar school in Kent except for the “super-selectives”  along the county boundary in the West of the county.

you may have heard a summary of my views, expressed in more detail below, on Radio Kent this morning (Friday). KentOnline, for the Kentish Gazette has written an updated article, providing the views of Kirsten Cardus, Headteacher of Barton Court, here. Sir Roger Gale's views are reported here, which appear very critical of the position of KCC.

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Now including Updates on St Edmund's and St John Fisher

Two recent failed OFSTEDs at St Edmund's Catholic School (secondary), Dover and St Phillip Howard Catholic Primary School, Herne Bay have seen the schools heading in very different directions. Also, a question. Why does a struggling Catholic School in Medway set out to discourage non-catholics from applying?

St Edmund's, which was a Voluntary Aided School run by the Archdiocese of Southwark Education Commission, but coming under the aegis of KCC, is to be turned into an academy, sponsored by the Archdiocese of Southwark. Even before OFSTED Early action was taken by KCC, issuing a warning notice which saw positive changes noted by OFSTED. It is difficult to see why the Archdiocese should have more success with total control in view of their failure to act with partial control, but this is surely a question they need to answer.

The Archdiocese of Southwark Education Commission has recommended that St Philip Howard be closed and this proposal is out for consultation.....

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This week's published OFSTED Report on St Philip Howard RC Primary School in Herne Bay which places it in Special Measures is one of the most damning Reports I have read in recent years, the school being placed in the lowest category in all four measures considered by the Inspectors. Parents have clearly recognised this pattern of failure of recent years, as it occupies the lowest take up of any primary school in the county this year, with 76% of its reception places due to be left empty in September, just 7 children applying for and being offered places back in March out of the 30 available. For 2011 entry, it had the second lowest intake in Kent with 56% of its places being left empty. Overall, it currently has over half of all its places empty with just 100 children out of a capacity 210. Poor KS2 performance by the children may indicate one of the reasons for the lack of popularity of the school, it appearing in the bottom 5% of all schools in the county for performance in English & maths in 2011. 

So what is the mystery, and why am I devoting space analysing this issue? In May, Michael Gove announced the names of the 261 schools to be awarded funds for refurbishment, including 14 from Kent. At the time  I wrote an article expressing my bewilderment at some of the schools chosen, highlighting St Philip Howard, given the pressures on the many schools in need of critical improvement or even replacement. This latest news makes the decision even more bewildering............

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Monday, 06 December 2010 00:00

Faversham, Herne Bay and Whitstable

 Updated October 2019

Entries on this page include the OFSTED Grade for each Primary School updated twice a year, also recording change from previous Inspection result, together with some other relevant information below. It is worth using the search engine on the Home Page to pick up other references to individual schools.

You will find advice on Primary school Admissions and Appeals here

You can read the full Report on each Primary School at OFSTED. Each school is awarded a main Grade: Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement (previously Satisfactory), and Inadequate (two sub categories - A school that has serious weaknesses is inadequate overall and requires significant improvement but leadership and management are judged to be Grade 3 or better - A school that requires special measures is one where the school is failing to give its pupils an acceptable standard of education and the school’s leaders, managers or governors have not demonstrated that they have the capacity to secure the necessary improvement in the school). Each Report carries a brief description of the school before justifying its decision in more detail. If a school is in Special Measures or Serious Weaknesses, the results of further monitoring visits are noted.

A majority of the schools that have previously had a 'Good' or 'Outstanding' assessment are given a Short Inspection (known as Section 8). These are indicated by 'Good (S). These will be confirmed in their assessment grade. However for some of these schools, the Inspection Team may consider that there are concerns, or in the case of a Good school, grounds for raising the Grade and this can only be done by a full Section Five Grade. These are recorded for example as  'Outstanding (SC) or 'Good (SR). 

You will find an analysis of oversubscription and vacancies for  Faversham, Herne Bay and Whitstable Primary Places for September 2019 Allocations here, 2018  here, for 2017 here, and for 2016 here.

You will find a good website to provide a host of factual data about individual Kent schools here.

Reports on Inspections between between September 2018 and July 2019  are in the first table, followed by other tables containing older ones.

(A) Indicates the school is an Academy (2017 onwards) 


Date Change
Boughton U Blean & Dunkirk Good (S) Jul 19 No change
Joy Lane Good (S) Oct 18 No change
Luddenham* Good Feb 19 No change
Whitstable Junior Good (S) Jun 19 No change

 There were some concerns at the 2018 Luddenham Short Inspection, but these were addressed by the time of the 2019 Inspection. 



Date Change
Briary Good Jan 18 No change
Davington Good Feb 18 No change
Hampton (A) Good Apr 18 No change
Hernhill CofE Outstanding Nov 17 Up one
Luddenham Good (SC) Feb 18 No change
Ospringe CofE Good Nov 17 No change
Reculver CofE (A) Outstanding Jul 18 Up two
St Alphege CofE Good Nov 17 No change
St Mary of Charity CofE (A) Outstanding Jul 18 Up three
St Mary's Catholic Good Apr 18 No change
Swalecliffe Community  Good Jan 18 No change



Date Change
Good Sept 16 No change
Selling CofE Primary Good Dec 16 No change
Bysing Wood Primary Good Feb 17 No change



Date Change
Boughton U Blean
& Dunkirk Methodist
Good Oct 15 Up one
 Herne CofE Junior  Outstanding  Mar 16  Up two
 Herne Bay Infant  Good  Apr 16  Up one




Date Change
Ethelbert Road Outstanding Sep 14 Up one
Following Special Measures:
School and LA plans fit for purpose
Oct 14
Reasonable progress to remove SM  May 15
St Mary's Catholic Good May 15 Up one
Whitstable Junior Good Apr 15 Up one



Date Change
Briary, HB Good Nov 13 Up one
Davington  Good Sep 13  Up one
Graveney Good Sep 13

1st Insp following Academy

Herne Bay Infant Requires Improvement Jan 14

Down two

Herne Bay Junior Requires Improvement Mar 14

Down one

Herne CofE Junior Requires Improvement  Oct 13

No change

Joy Lane, Whitstable Good Feb 14

No change

Reculver CofE   Reasonable prog to remove SM  Oct 13
 Requires Improvement  Jul 14  Up one
St Mary of Charity (CofE) Aided  Serious Weaknesses  Jul 14  Down one

2012 - 13 OFSTED REports



Date Change
Boughton Under Blean & Dunkirk Requires Improvement Jul 13 No change
Hampton Good Dec 12 1st Academy Insp
Hernhill Good Feb 13 Up one
Ospringe Good Nov 12 Up one
Reculver CofE
Special Measures
Jan 13
May 13
Down one
Satisf progress
Sheldwich Outstanding Oct 12 Up one
St Mary of Charity Requires Improvement Sep 12 No change
St Mary's Catholic Requires Improvement May 13 No change
St Philip Howard Catholic   Satisfactory progress from SM  Nov 12
Reasonable progress from SM Feb 13
Reasonable progress from SM May 13
Whitstable Junior Requires Improvement May 13 Down one

Pre September 2012 Reports

School Grade Date Comments
Boughton under Blean & Dunkirk Primary Satisfactory Mar 2011
Briary Primary, Herne Bay Satisfactory Jan 2012
Davington Primary Satisfactory Nov 2011
Eastling Good Dec 2011
Ethelbert Road Primary

Good with several outstanding features

May 2010


Oct 2010
Herne CofE Junior Satisfactory  Jun 2012
Herne Bay Infant Outstanding May 2011
Herne Bay Junior Good Nov 2010
Hernhill CofE Primary Satisfactory Mar 2011
Joy Lane Primary, Whitstable Good Mar 2012
St Mary of Charity CofE Primary Satisfactory and rapidly improving Jun 2010
St Mary's Catholic Primary, Whitstable Satisfactory Jun 2011
St Philip Howard Catholic Primary School, HB Special Measures May 2012  see (1)
Whitstable & Seasalter Endowed Junior Good Jul 2012
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