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School Transport and Appeals

AA I have published a recent news item on proposed changes to the free school transport scheme in Kent.

  • If your child has been awarded a place at the nearest appropriate school, you may be eligible for free transport.
  • The nearest appropriate school can be your nearest non selective school, your nearest denominational school, or your nearest grammar school.
  • If you applied for the nearest appropriate school and it was full, then the ruling applies to the next nearest and so on.
  • The criterion in Kent & Medway is three miles for a secondary school, and two for a primary school.
  • This is calculated by the shortest walking route (which excludes for example the M2 in Medway!).
  • Medway has a list of some schools in their admission booklet, where free transport applies.
  • Medway parents living on the Hoo Peninsula have had considerable success with appeals for transport to Medway Grammar Schools (not necessarily the nearest) and if relevant to you, don't be put off. I am happy to support parents for such appeals.
  • In both Kent & Medway, appeals against transport decisions are initially to a Panel of Councillors, and there are successes each year, often on grounds of wrong measurements. Medway appears more flexible for 'exceptional circumstances'.