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Monday, 26 January 2015 16:22

Kent Test Results 2014: Girls on top

As in previous years, I have prepared a variety of statistics relating to the Kent Test, published below along with my comments. 


  • Overall, 28% of girls and 25% of boys across Kent were assessed as of grammar school standard, a considerable shift in favour of girls' success over previous years, when the two figures have been very similar. 
  • 20.6% of children in the "selective areas" of Kent gained an automatic pass, close to the target figure of 21%. The new Kent Test for 2014 saw considerable change in the pattern of passes, with children required to reach a standardised score of 106 in each of the three assessments of reasoning, English and maths, with an aggregate score of 320. You will find further details here. More girls than boys took the test and more girls than boys passed. The figures for 2014 entry showed a bias towards boys success in the test, but the introduction of English has tilted it the other way. 
  •  Another 6.2% of children, attending linked primary schools in these areas of Kent, secured selective assessments through Headteacher Assessment, target 4%.
  • 49% % of Head Teacher Assessments were successful. As usual, the proportion of referrals and the percentage of passes is highest in the East and lowest in the West of Kent. Also as in previous years, many more girls than boys were found of grammar school ability by this route. With the girls also coming out on top in automatic passes, there is a fall of 82 in the number of boys  passing in spite of an increase of 165 in the number of boys attending  Kent state maintained schools in Year 6, and a rise of  141 girls passing against a decrease of 114 in the number of girls in Year 6. 

Note: All these statistics come with a health warning, as the number of children in private schools is not always known (possibly 6% across the county), and such schools are often omitted from statistics.

Kent Grammar School Assessments for Year 6 children, for Admission in September 2015

Kent Test Results 2014, for Admission in September 2015




 % boys    

 % girls    

 Total %    

Attending primary schools In Area


6528 13423 51% 49% 100%

In area Number who sat sat test*


4415 8751 63% 68% 65%

Automatic Pass


1378 2761 20% 21% 21%

Headteacher Assessment (HTA)


900  1699  47%   53%  100%

HTA Passes


 471 836  5%   7%  6%

Total In Area Passes


1849  3597  25.4%   28.3%  26.8%

Attending primary schools in Kent


7608 15594

Sat Kent Test


 5004 9887 

Automatic Pass

1555 1557 3112  19% 20%  20% 

Headteacher Assessment (HTA)


994 1894 11% 13% 12%

HTA Passes


522 930 4.5% 5.3%

Total Kent  Passes


2079  4042  25.0%   27.9%  26.4%

Out of County Tested


1387  2711 

Out of County Automatic Pass


 658 1338 

OOC Headteacher Assessment





35   45 80 

Total OOC Passes**


 778 1494

Total figures slightly different from supporting data, reflecting adjustments. Figures relate to place of school attended, rather than place of residence. Allocation figures in March are based on place of residence. You will find the equivalent figures for the September 2013 tests here. 

 * the in area or "selective areas" are those parts of Kent which were historically served by grammar schools, before freedom of choice legislation removed their significance. This is the last year they will be used to calculate the pass mark allowing 21% of children through. 

** For 2014 admission, just 343 out of county children were allocated places in Kent grammar schools in March.

Head Teacher Assessment (HTA)

As noted above, when schools receive the 11 plus results at the end of September, headteachers have the right to apply for a HTA for any child who has failed. You will find details of the process here

Head Teacher Assessment in Kent 2014
    Assessed Passed % passed
East Kent boys 388 225 58%
girls 378 229 61%
Mid Kent boys 282 114 40%
girls 381 187 49%
West Kent boys 320 104 33%
girls 323 151 47%
Total boys 990 443 45%
girls 1082 567 52%
Total children    2072  1010  49%

Out of 


boys 80 35 44%
girls 88 45 51%

These results are similar to previous years, with 49% of all assessments successful. The overall gender pattern of passes is starting to look similar to Medway where the bias in test results and the Review process both strongly favour girls. Last time I analysed the results, there was no advantage in any birth month, as distinct from Medway where older children do much better.  

As usual, the proportion of referrals and the percentage of HTA passes is highest in the East and lowest in the West of Kent. This reflects the differing pressure of places on grammar schools, with the East Kent panel and primary headteachers apparently adjusting to the likely greater number of spare places available, with greatest success rates in Canterbury and Swale.  This variation has the effect of smoothing out the proportion of children passing the Kent Test across the county, as shown by the following statistics for children from state primary schools. Automatic pass rates are considerably higher for Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tonbridge Wells than for the rest of Kent.   

Grammar School Assessments by District

Kent State School Grammar Assessments 2014    

 Boys %

Pass Rate

 Girls %

Pass Rate

Total %

Pass Rate 

 Ashford  21% 29%   25%
 Canterbury  28% 28%   28%
 Dartford  21% 22%   21%
*Dover, Deal and S'wich  19%  20%  19%
 Gravesham  20%  24%  21%
 Maidstone   22% 27%   24%
Sevenoaks 25% 32% 29%
 **Shepway  16%  14%  15%
 Swale  22%  23%  22%
Thanet 19% 18% 19%
 Tonbridge & Malling  25%  27%  26%
 Tunbridge Wells  24%  29%  27%
* The Dover Test results will have meant these figures are considerably higher when all grammar assessments are considered.
** The Shepway Test results will have meant these figures are considerably higher when all grammar assessments are considered.
So what does this all mean for grammar school allocations out next week? We can expect that places will be tighter than usual in a number of girls' grammar schools including: Dartford Girls'; Dover Girls'; Folkestone Girls'; Highworth; Mayfield; Simon Langton Girls'; Tonbridge; Tunbridge Wells Girls'; Weald of Kent; & Wilmington Girls'. We shall have to wait until next week to see the picture for the remaining grammar schools. 


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