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Friday, 03 October 2014 00:00

Medway Test Results 2014, Information and Advice on Review and appeal, and the Services I Offer



The pass mark for the Medway Test this year is an aggregate of 525. The total score for each child is made up of a verbal reasoning score, a mathematics score which is doubled up and an English score which is also doubled up.

So a child who scored: Verbal Reasoning - 110; mathematics – 102; and English – 103; would get a grand total of 110 + 102x2 + 103x2 = 520. This child would not pass as they have not reached 525 in total.

Unlike the Kent Test, there is no minimum score required in individual tests. Therefore, for example, a score of: VR- 75; mathematics – 140; and English – 85; scores 525 and passes.

For those parents whose children have not passed the Medway Test, there is now the decision as to whether to go for Review which must be made by next Friday, 10th October, and you will find extensive advice on how to make the decision elsewhere on this website.

An important new factor to be considered if you are  likely to go to appeal, was introduced without warning last year. ........

Information provided for Appeal Panels

If you go to appeal for a Medway school, the school and the Independent Appeal Panel will then be sent a full copy of your application form for secondary school places, including the order in which you have placed each school and the reasons you have given, if any, for applying to each school on your list. This does not happen in Kent.

Pass Mark

The Medway Test pass mark varies  from year to year, because scores on the three tests are standardised locally, and depend on the number of children who took the test, with a score of 100 reflecting the mark of the middle child in the whole range of candidates.

So, the fact that the pass mark of 525 is a little below last year’s 528, and well above 2012’s 509, is irrelevant. It does not indicate any change in the level of difficulty, with 23% of Medway’s children being selected as suitable for grammar school before the Review process in each of these three years, merely that the proportion of children taking the test has changed.

Unfortunately, because of other commitments, I have only recently applied for more a more detailed breakdown of results, but will publish this as soon as it is available.

Advice and Information on this website

You will find an article on last year’s outcomes here, along with general advice on Medway grammar school applications here, and Review and Appeals here.

My services

Apart from the information and advice on this website, I offer two service of support for parents at this difficult time. Firstly, there is my popular Telephone Consultation Service which Medway parents use both for discussion about whether to go for Review, and also for decisions about applications. This costs just £45 and I offer a totally frank, realistic and confidential advice and information service relating to each individual school and considering your personal circumstances. You will find details of this here, or you may wish to use my Contact Me form. Whichever, please make sure you provide me with as much information in advance as possible, so that I can see if I can assist before you make payment.

Secondly, there is my appeal support service which comes into operation in March.  I will see you at your home, discuss the issues, look at the evidence, prepare an individual appeal letter to reflect your own views and situation and then agree a final version with you.

A few days before the appeal when you know the composition of the panel we would have a telephone/facetime preparation session, usually lasting about an hour to go over what to expect, what your presentation should be like, what questions you may face and the answers you should give, so that you are as well prepared as possible. I do not usually attend appeals, as panels tend to be more impressed with parents who are not represented. In summary, I will maximise your chances of success, but don’t guarantee it! For a single Medway grammar school appeal the fee is £475, £525 if we need to show the Review is unfair.

If you are considering this, my recommendation is that you also use the Telephone Consultation Service now when I will deduct the cost of this from the final fee. This also provides you with priority if, as has happened on several previous occasions, I become fully committed in March. 

Last modified on Sunday, 16 October 2016 16:52

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  • Comment Link Tuesday, 07 October 2014 13:58 posted by Nicola

    Dear Peter

    You have been recommended to me by a friend to assist with my son ***** review and appeal for Medway Grammar Schools.

    I would be most grateful if you could contact me as soon as convenient on ************
    PETER: As my website makes clear, please fill in my contact me form, or else send an email with as much information as possible to enable me to determine if I am able to help. I am afraid I simply do not have the capacity to respond to all the requests to "phone me back". Sorry.

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