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Saturday, 26 October 2013 23:21

Full Medway Test results including Review, and breakdown of out of Medway results

Updated 19 November with Out of Medway Results 

I now have the main results of the Medway Review process, which you will find in the table below, along with the previous data from automatic passes.  These produce four main conclusions:

1)   the number of girls who were successful at Review is nearly twice the number of boys ( last year girls were MORE than twice as successful as boys). 

2)    parents of girls were nearly twice as likely to apply for a Review as parents of boys;

3)   Very few out of Medway Review requests were successful;

4)   For Medway children, both the automatic pass rate, at 23.2% and the Review pass rate at 2.0% of the total number of children in the age group are very close to the targets of 23.0% and 2.0%. 

I have previously considered the data for the automatic pass figures here, and you can compare the data with the 2012 test figures here. I have also looked at reasons for the underperformance of boys here, but can now add to these a possible lack of confidence by parents of boys in pursuing grammar school places in Medway...........

The number of candidates for the Medway Test is 185 higher than last year and for the first time I asked for a breakdown of the cohort by gender through my FOI request. This has produced the surprising results both that the number of boys applying for a grammar school place in September 2014 is 100 lower than the number of girls (although there are 42 fewer boys in the cohort), and also that the number of boys applying for a Review is 58 lower than the number of girls. This may contribute to the fact that Review successes for boys are less than a third of the total. As a consequence of the Review outcomes, the gap between success rates increases to 24.1% for boys as against 26.2% for girls.

Outcomes of the 2013 Medway Test
  Children in Cohort Candidates Successes % successes % of cohort
 boys 1460 871 331 38 22.7
 girls 1502 971 356 37  23.7
 TOTAL  2962  1842  687  37  23.2
MEDWAY REVIEW PASSES boys 87 21 24  1.2%
  girls 145 38 26  2.5%
  TOTAL 232 59 25 2.0%
MEDWAY TOTAL PASSES boys 871 352 40  24.1
  girls 971 394 41  26.2
  TOTAL 1842 746 40 25.2
boys 239 132 55  
  girls 276 163 59  
   TOTAL  515  295  57  
boys 16 1 6  
  girls 24 3 13  
   TOTAL  40  4  10  
boys 239 133 56  
  girls 276 166 60  
  TOTAL 515 299 58  

Availability of Places

Currently in Medway there are 900 grammar school places available for next year's Year Seven entry, with just 746 qualified Medway children to fill them. Last year there were 131 vacancies in Medway grammar schools on allocation day 1st March, although 56 places have since been taken out for September 2014 (26 from Chatham Boys and 30 temporary places from Rainham Mark Grammar). With 52 more successful candidates this year there should still be sufficient places for all, as well as grammar school standard appeal candidates, even if not at the grammar school of choice. It is still not clear if Rainham Mark Grammar will reinstate the 30 temporary places for September if demand justifies it.

The cohort size confirms that the bottom of the fall in numbers of Medway children by age group reached secondary school last year, with primary school figures showing a year on year increase over the next seven years by a total of 366, a 13% increase over this time.  In other words, within a few years Medway will need more grammar school places!

Review Process

Regular browsers of this website will know my unhappiness about the inconsistent way that receiving an unsuccessful Review decision can be used at a subsequent appeal. The rules state that in such a case the appeal panel MUST only consider whether each child's review was carried out in a fair, consistent and objective way and only if there is no evidence that this has been done can the appeal panel consider other factors (This does not apply in Kent which uses a different process, the Head Teacher Assessment). Appeal panels for the five Medway grammar schools do not even apply a consistent approach to the rules, as explained here. I anticipate that appeal panels for the two Chatham Grammar schools will once again decide the Review process is unfair; the other four are more likely to determine it is fair!

Candidates from Outside Medway

Candidates from Outside Medway
  Candidates Passes
  boys girls total boys girls total
Kent 218 247 465 117 145 262
Bexley 7 9 16 4 5 9
7 3 10 7 3 10
Other London
2 13 15 2 6 8
Other 5 4 9 2 4 6
TOTAL 239 276 515 132 163  

As I have confirmed elsewhere, last year there was a net intake of 100 into Medway grammar schools from Kent from 277 children who gained Medway Test passes, so we can expect a similar figure this year. However, this picture is blurred because the two Chatham Grammar Schools accept a pass in either the Kent or the Medway Test (and can apply and appeal if they have taken but not passed either or both). 

Note: The detailed figures for out of Medway were only provided after I made four different requests for the figures, the first three of which were ignored,, even when I threatened to complain yet again.


Last modified on Thursday, 06 April 2017 13:37

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