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Friday, 19 November 2021 16:42

Sixth Form Courses in Kent and Medway Schools 2021


West Kent Schools

With half of the six grammar schools being super selective, the pattern of Sixth Form uptake is clearly going to be very different from elsewhere, but even these three schools each have very different patterns of recruitment. The pattern is made even more complex by the high rate of private education in the District with pupils transferring between the two sectors at 16+ (as indeed they do at age 11).

Skinners has by some way the highest staying on rate in the county at 99%, and only offers 15 places to external students, with a general requirement of 50 GCSE points, and high individual subject requirements. It is also one of the schools making provisional offers on projected grades.

Judd has a Sixth Form Planned Admission Number of 75 requiring 'at least an average of 6.5 GCSE points in the top ten subjects', together with Level 7 in each subject to be studied. This year amongst the 93 external students it recruited were 40 from other grammar schools, including 19 from Tonbridge, and 24 from private schools.

Tonbridge Grammar runs the IB for all its Sixth Form, with clearly limited popularity. As a result, it has the lowest staying on rate of all the West Kent grammar schools and, along with two other girls’ grammars, the second-lowest in the county at 64%. 

West Kent Grammar Schools Sixth Form Patterns
Staying on
Skinners 99% 165 15 9%
Judd  90% 220 93 40%
Tunbridge Wells G 82% 145 28 19%
Weald  75% 187 52 28%
Tunbridge Wells B 68% 150 37 25%
Tonbridge  64% 156 42 27%

 A-Level opportunities outside the grammar school sector are limited, apart from Hillview in Tonbridge which has, as well as a high staying on rate, the third largest  N/S recruitment in the county from other schools, with 30 of its intake of 70 students coming from grammar or private schools. They know what they are coming for with 80 students taking three A Levels in 2019, and an average Grade of C+, second only to Bennett Memorial across the county for N/S schools.

High performing Bennett Diocesan Memorial School has the biggest percentage of its own pupils staying on into the Sixth Form of any N/S school in the county at 72%, although it is highly selective through its religious criteria. The PAN for external students is set at admitting 10, with just eight joining this year. The requirement for entry is ‘To begin A level courses, you must have at least an average point score of 4.0, including at least 3 GCSEs at grade 5. For some courses a higher threshold is required’, so they continue to give opportunities to as many of their own students as possible. St Gregory’s Catholic has a similar pattern of Sixth Form intake with a high staying on rate of 56% admitting just 20 students from other schools. 

Mascalls had 98 Year 12's in October 2020, with 78 in Year 13 in June 2019 (the most recent year that A Level results were published), all taking at least one A Level with an average progress grade. 59 of them took three A Levels with an average C Grade.

Skinners Kent Academy, which had 80 Year 12 Sixth Form students in September 2020, runs the International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme. This is also offered by Knole Academy, which had 81 Year 12's in September 2020, which also offers a range of A Levels. Of the 74 in Year 13 in June 2019,  72 took at least one A Level with an above average progress level nationally, and 20 took three, . Hugh Christie had 92 Year 12's in September 2020. The 2019 A Level results showed that 31 of the 74 Year 13 students took at least one A Level with a progress level of well  below average, with nine of these taking three A Levels. Wrotham School had 85 Year 12 students in 2020, although in 2019, just 11 of 53 Year 13 students took three A Levels. 


The next page looks at Movement across Medway Schools in the Sixth Form

Last modified on Saturday, 27 November 2021 23:22

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