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Friday, 29 October 2021 12:03

School Appeals in Kent and Medway 2021

Mid Kent Non-Selective Schools
Allocation data for September 2021 here 
Ashford Non-Selective Appeals 2021
  Appeals Upheld %
John Wallis F5 F5  
Wye 9 0 0%

 Note: 'F' stands for 'fewer than'.

All four schools in and around the expanding town of Ashford were full on allocation, the main pressure being at the small Wye School outside the town, with three forms of entry on a restricted site, with no opportunity for expansion. Heavily oversubscribed each year, its three classes of 32 pupils leave little scope for successful appeals with a total of just four in the past six years. Some pupils will try for the Lenham School, see below, but I suspect with limited success.
Allocation data for September 2021 here 
Maidstone Non-Selective Appeals 2021
Lenham  23 4 17%
Malling * F5 F5
Maplesden Noakes 10 4 40%
St Simon Stock Catholic 7 F5
School of Science
& Technology 
35 4 11%
Valley Park
28 3 11%
Wrotham * 11 3 27%
* Both technically in Tonbridge and Malling, West Kent, but feeding into Maidstone
Note: 'F' stands for fewer than'.
The new School of Science and Technology Maidstone is now in its second year and we can see the effect on other Maidstone schools, becoming one of three heavily oversubscribed schools, along with next-door Valley Park and rural Lenham School on the same side of town. Since being taken over by VIAT, Lenham has gone from strength to strength, having appeals for the first time ever. Seven of the ten schools were full with over a hundred vacancies in two others, the appeal pattern showing the drive to find places elsewhere.  
North West Kent Non-Selective Schools
Allocation data for September 2021 here 
Dartford Non-Selective Appeals 2021
  Appeals Upheld %
DSTC F5 F5  
Longfield 3 3 100%
Stone Lodge 19 2 11% 
Wilmington 14  0 0%

Note: 'F' stands for 'fewer than'.

 Secondary admissions and appeals in Dartford have been dominated for years by the pressure of children trying to get away from Ebbsfleet Academy under a previous headteacher. Now that she has departed Ebbsfleet appears to have settled down and children are no longer fleeing, with the result that there are fewer appeals at the other N/S schools in the area. Leigh Academy Trust now runs the school, along with Leigh Technology Academy, the Leigh UTC (now 110-18), Longfield, and Wilmington Academy. Stone Lodge School in Dartford is the only oversubscribed school in the town, having turned away 88 first choices.  Wilmington Academy to the southwest has picked up in popularity this year at the expense of the other two nearby Leigh schools, having had no appeals in 2020. 

Allocation data for September 2021 here 
Gravesham Non-Selective Appeals 2021
  Appeals Upheld %
Meopham 44 1 2%
Saint George's CofE 37 2 5% 
St John's Catholic 17 3 18%

These three have all been amongst the most oversubscribed N/S schools in the county, for at least the last four years. The other three have just four vacancies between them on allocation. Probably the lowest combined success rate at appeal for any part of the county. 

Next Page: Appeals for West Kent Non-Selective Schools 

Last modified on Sunday, 31 October 2021 19:50


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