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Friday, 29 October 2021 12:03

School Appeals in Kent and Medway 2021


 Medway Grammar School Appeals
Medway Grammar Appeals 2021
  Appeals Upheld % Upheld
G Appeals
Chatham 45 38 84 0/0
Fort Pitt 16 0 0% 0/2
Holcombe 37 0 0% 0/7
Rainham Mark 49 7 14% 7/33
Rochester 31 6 19% 5/6
Sir Joseph
75 14 19 14/61

Note: G Appeals Upheld refers to children who are previously GQC (Grammar Qualified Children).

 For the pattern of appeals in previous years, go to here for 2020 outcomes, or the Individual Schools section for the historic pattern.  

To repeat last year’s introduction: ‘in a recent article, I described the Medway Grammar School Admissions Procedure as “not fit for purpose”. One element of this was a look at Medway grammar school appeals for 2020 entry, here.  The disgraceful bias against boys throughout the process, exposed in that article, is exemplified here.

Sadly the bias continues for 2022 entry, with boys again seeing a lower pass rate in the Medway Test than girls, fewer than five boys being successful at Review and no boys having grammar school appeals upheld who were initially N/S. Apparently, no one cares about this serious discrimination!

Holcombe, not for the first time, saw no appeals upheld, with The Math only upholding those for boys previously GQC, as in previous years probably from the Hoo Peninsula and elsewhere close to its original cut off point. 

As usual, the Chatham Grammar panel upheld a large number of appeals, the school seeking to fill some of the 74 vacancies on allocation. Fort Pitt was also one of just four schools in Kent and Medway that saw no successes at all. With The Rochester Grammar now giving priority to local girls, the number of appeals from GQC has fallensharply, as the shine has come off. 

Next Page: Appeals for Non-Selective East Kent Schools

Last modified on Sunday, 31 October 2021 19:50


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