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Sunday, 17 October 2021 19:51

Secondary School Applications to Schools in Kent and Medway for September 2022


Article on School Appeal Outcomes for 2021 to be posted shortly. 

This news item is essentially a guide to a host of information and advice articles for local families looking to make applications for secondary school places in state schools in Kent and Medway next September, together with 2021 appeal outcomes. You will find Kent County Council's Admission Guide for Secondary School Admissions here, although it is difficult to find one for Medway (although required by law), so parents appear to have to settle for here. Across the country, families will be making use of their own Local Authority co-ordinated admissions schemes and make applications by the national closing date of Sunday 31st October, although Kent extends this to Monday 1st November. The co-ordination then spreads across county boundaries to take in cross-border applications, in a gigantic data handling mechanism.

The most important news is that last year, whilst just 70% of Kent families were awarded their first choice school, this was an exceptionally low figure, caused by a one-off change in the application procedure because of Covid, the norm is nearer 80% and I would expect something similar for 2022 entry. Unfortunately, Medway does not issue this information, but I believe it will be higher.  

Around half of all K & M families will apply for grammar school places, with the results of the Kent Test due out next Thursday 21st October. The Medway Test results have already been sent to parents, with the outcomes of the Review process to be posted on 22nd October.

I am currently updating all the relevant articles, but even those still to be tackled can be highly relevant, although they may be up to a year out of date I am afraid. I am also preparing my article surveying 2021 appeals outcomes, although you will already find the data for every school that held appeals this year in my Individual Schools sections for Kent and Medway.

There is also a list of all the key sections, with a link to them, on the right-hand side of this page, followed immediately afterwards by a link to become a subscriber to my news and blog items as they are published (no charges, no unwanted advertising).

Whilst I have tried to cover all the main issues around secondary transfer matters, one thing I do not know is the individual child's situation. As such parents first port of call should be your child's primary school, to get their perspective on which route to follow. One caveat is that some primary headteachers, including some in Catholic schools, are fundamentally opposed to academic selection and can regrettably be negative about the whole process for individual children. 

I am in no doubt that the most important information provided on this website are the sections on individual Kent and Medway Secondary Schools, although in need of an update. After a general introduction to each school, you will find the pattern of applications and offers over the past six years. This is followed by a record of appeals, number upheld, and the nature of the appeal in recent years for some 85 schools where appeals took place (the number varies slightly each year). This includes information about the Leigh Academy Rainham which opened this year, and the Maritime Academy opening in 2022, both in Medway. Then there is information on each school's academic record, although this only goes up until the 2019 outcomes, as subsequent results have not been published. Finally, there is a record of all Ofsted Inspections up until Easter 2021. 

There are three pages following, dealing with Kent and Medway Admissions, and you will find a further article on Secondary School Appeals.

Looked After Children and Children with EHCPs.
There is a new version of the School Admissions Code, published in September 2021, that amplifies the definition of 'Looked after children and all previously looked after children' (paragraph 1.7) who have to be given the highest priority with regard to admissions to school, with a few exceptions. One of these is that if children have not qualified for grammar school admissions, then they cannot be considered except by appeal. In my own limited experience, too many carers fail to take advantage of this criterion and for example, such children will be given a guaranteed place at the two St George's CofE church schools, both amongst the most oversubscribed schools in Kent, if carers enter these in first place on their application forms, whatever their religious affiliation if any.

Special Needs children with an Education and Health Care Plan that names a particular school will be awarded a place at that school without going through the admission process or, if it is underway or concluded when the EHCP is awarded, at that point. 

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Last modified on Friday, 29 October 2021 09:30

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  • Comment Link Monday, 18 October 2021 23:25 posted by Primary Head

    Peter thank you so much from a primary headteacher on the Kent/Medway border. There is so much we need to know and the only place we know we will find it is on your site. Can I suggest that KCC and Medway Council engage you to manage communications with parents on such matters. PETER: It was suggested by a KCC politician some years ago for a particular issue, and officers threw a fit! I doubt the climate has changed that much.

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