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Tuesday, 08 December 2020 06:23

Sixth Form Courses in Kent and Medway Schools


Mid Kent Schools

Whilst I am not sure why it happens, there is considerable movement between all four Maidstone Grammars into Year 12, with 111 students moving from one to another. The biggest trend is, as in many other towns, from girls' to boys' grammars, Maidstone Girls losing most with 34, having one of the lowest staying on rates in the county, but also attracting in 53 students from other schools including 27 from other grammar schools.

Maplesden Noakes has by some way the strongest 6th Form for a N/S school in the town, picking up 74 students from other schools, with 15 from St Augustine’s, one of two in Maidstone with no Sixth Form. The other is New Line Learning which sees students transferring to Cornwallis Academy, nearby and in the same academy trust.  Valley Park, by some way the largest school in the District only took 29 external students into its sixth form,  over half from Maidstone and Invicta grammar schools.  St Simon Stock Catholic has the third highest retention figure of any N/S school in the county with 61% of its Year 11 staying into the Sixth Form, but just a small recruitment from outside.

Although there is not a great movement in Ashford, Highworth, Homewood (N/S) in Tenterden and Norton Knatchbull admitted 103 external students between them, 30 of these being from each other. 

The next page looks at Movement across North West Kent Schools in the Sixth Form

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