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Thursday, 15 October 2020 10:43

Exclusions in Kent Schools, 2019-20: Astonishment and Predictability.


You will find the article on 2021 exclusions here
Note November 2021: This 2020 article only considered Kent schools without the inclusion of those for Medway. Four Medway schools were amongst the highest excluders by the standards of Kent, and so I have included these in the table below. This enables comparisons to be made between 2019, 2020 and 2021.  
The astonishment features two Kent secondary schools, Hartsdown and Folkestone Academies, who have been at the top of the fixed term exclusion lists over the previous four years. Hartsdown has seen its number of exclusions fall from last year’s 459 and second-highest proportion in the county to just ONE, whilst Folkestone Academy fell from 538 to 128. Meanwhile, Astor College, John Wallis Academy,  Oasis Academy, and High Weald Academy, four of the top five excluding schools last year, yet again head the table, along with Charles Dickens School. These five schools are all well ahead of all other Kent schools in excluding, and each regularly features in this table, suggesting they have particular issues with discipline. Three primary schools had more exclusions than 10% of their roll. I look at each of these eight schools individually, below.

Unsurprisingly, the total number of secondary school fixed-term exclusions for 2019-20 has fallen from the previous year’s record 8816, partly because they have only been open for around two-thirds of the year because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, this year's total of 4778 is much lower proportionally, so this is a genuine fall with Folkestone and Hartsdown accounting for nearly a quarter of the difference between them.

Permanent exclusions continue at a very low level compared with national data, there being 12 from primary schools, 11 from secondary schools and one from a Special School in the same period of 2019-20.

My article on exclusions for 2018-19 provides Department for Education data by Local Authority for 2017-18 showing that Kent had a very low level of permanent exclusions, and also fixed-term exclusions below the national average. The 2018-19 data has not yet been released, but I will include it here later if it does materialise.

There were 12 permanent exclusions from primary schools, 11 from secondary schools and one from a Special School in the same period of 2019-20 compared with  14 primary and 29 secondary permanent exclusions in the whole of the previous year and so this continues the annual fall from the overall 66 of four years ago previously and much higher before then. Because numbers are so small, KCC does not provide data on permanent exclusions for any individual school. Highest figures on a district basis are three for primary schools in Dartford and secondary schools in Gravesham and Tonbridge & Malling. 

When looking at fixed-term exclusions for a school, I use the percentage of the statutory roll (Years 7-11) as the fairest measure when looking at the ranking of schools. So Astor College with its 694 Year 7-11 pupils and 272 exclusions in the table below, has a higher proportion at 39.19% than Oasis Isle of Sheppey Academy. Oasis has by some way the highest number of exclusions in the county at 478, but is also the second-largest secondary school in the county, with nearly twice as many pupils at 1246.  

 Secondary Fixed Term Exclusions
Kent and Medway 2019-20*
 School Exclusions
Roll Jan 20
Astor College 272 694 39.19%
Charles Dickens 432 1103 39.17%
John Wallis CofE 402 1042 38.6%
Oasis Sheppey 478 1246 38.4%
High Weald Academy 93 253 36.8%
Robert Napier (M) 318 879 36.2%
Howard School (M) 298 1249 24.0%
Waterfront UTC (M) 27 113 23.9%
Dover Christ Church 152 698 21.8%
Archbishop's School  114 589 19.4%
John Fisher Catholic (M) 135 704 19.2%
Leigh UTC 89 495 18.0%
*Data is from a KCC Freedom of Information Request
**The Statutory Roll is the number of pupils Years 7-11 in the school according to the School Census in January 2019. 
*** The percentage is that of exclusions over Statutory Roll. The number of exclusions will include some pupils who have been excluded more than once.
Individual Schools

Turner Schools, Folkestone Academy

Oasis Isle of Sheppey Academy

John Wallis CofE Academy 

Astor College

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