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Tuesday, 28 April 2020 20:12

Oversubscription and Vacancies Medway Primary Schools: 2020


The 14 Gillingham primary schools have 10% vacancies between them, on allocation; 124 children who did not get their first choice; and 22 who had no school of their choice. 

Barnsole Primary, with its Outstanding Ofsted, has seen its KS2 performance tumble to become one of just three Medway schools to have all three KS2 schools to have all three KS2 subject Grades classified as Well Below Average. As a result it is being rebrokered to the Maritime Trust, based in Greenwich. These factors don’t appear to have affected its popularity greatly, it still being the second most oversubscribed school in Medway with 49 disappointed first choices. Other popular Gillingham schools are: The Academy of Woodlands (24); St Mary’s Catholic (12); Brompton-Westbrook (10); and Fairview Primary (9) which has thrown off the recent troubles that saw its numbers tumble last year. Burnt Oak has six first choices turned away in spite of an Ofsted Requires Improvement in 2018, down from Good. 

Woodlands     St Marys catholic Gillingahm



Five schools have vacancies, most again at Twydall, with 47% empty, still with consecutive  Inadequate Ofsted ratings, in 2014 and 2018, and a very difficult history. The others are: Oasis Academy Skinner Street (35%, and second lowest Medway percentage of pupils reaching 'Expected Level' at KS2); Napier Community Primary (27%, which may be improved next year following a Good Ofsted in January, up from RI); Featherby Infants (also Maritime Trust, 21%) and Saxon Way (12%, another Griffin School, although with two Good Ofsted's following Special Measures before Griffin took over).

Hoo Peninsula
The nine Hoo Peninsula primary schools have 9% vacancies between them on allocation, the lowest proportion in Medway, 215 of pupils not getting their first choice, by some way the highest proportion in Medway. There are 70 of the 290 children who did not get their first choice; and just one who had no school of their choice. The Hoo Peninsula is mainly a very rural area, with five of the schools scattered around the lengthy coastline. 

Once again, six of the nine schools having no vacancies, although only two are strongly oversubscribed. Cliffe Woods has become the most popular school in Medway with a leap in disappointed first choices to 50 from 2019’s nineteen. Its Outstanding Ofsted may now be five years old, but it still has one of the highest KS2 performances in Medway with 86% of pupils reaching the Expected Standard, so this should be no surprise. Second most popular is the all-through The Hundred of Hoo Academy with 13 disappointed first choices, and third is the other local school Hoo St Werburgh with four. St Helen's CEP at Cliffe is on one of the extremities of the Peninsula so unlikely to attract pupils from outside its locality especially as the nearest neighbour is Cliffe Woods. The school has just   filled, although in terms of performance 90% of its pupils achieved the Expected Standard, the highest percentage in Medway (along with Pilgrim School).

Hoo St Werburgh           Hundred of HooSt Helens

Two of the three schools with a third or more of their places empty are Allhallows (PAN 30 children) and Stoke (PAN 20 children), both run by the Leigh Academies Trust after being re-brokered away from the failed Williamson Trust for January 2019. Last summer Leigh attempted to merge the two merge the two schools on grounds of their small numbers, effectively closing Stoke and bussing the children to Allhallows, but this was refused by Lord Agnew, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the School System. Allhallows had the lowest proportion of pupils reaching the Expected Level in the whole of Medway last summer and was one of just three schools with Well Below Average on all its three KS2 Progress Grades, with Stoke the fourth lowest (but a recent Good Ofsted assessment) the two schools having struggled academically for some years. St James CofE Primary Academy, on the Isle of Grain, is the third of these school, with a third of its places empty for a Planned Admission Number and with the third lowest proportion of Expected Levels in Medway, although Progress results were better.

The seven Rainham primary schools have 11% vacancies between them, on allocation; 27 children who did not get their first choice, all at St Margaret’s Infant School; and fewer than four who had no school of their choice.
St Margarets Infant
Most vacancies were at St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Primary with 53% of their 30 places left empty, the other 29 being spread fairly equally between Deanwood, Miers Court, Park Wood Primary and Riverside.

Last modified on Thursday, 18 June 2020 16:14


  • Comment Link Sunday, 03 May 2020 13:23 posted by Richard King

    Thank you Peter, I wondered why Chatham had a page on its own, then I read on. Is it just because Chatham has most children, how do they compare? PETER: Numbers are: Chatham - 959 Reception allocated; Gillingham - 913; Hoo - 291; Rainham - 375; Rochester- 498; Strood - 411. I could create many more percentages with these figures but one has to stop somewhere. But for example,the Hoo Peninsula has by some way the highest proportion of first preferences not offered at 21%, way ahead of the next area, Gillingham, with 13%. Having said all this, Chatham does appear to have a large number of 'interesting' schools

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