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Friday, 27 March 2020 19:27

Oversubscription & Vacancies Kent Grammar Schools 2020


Dover and Folkestone
This section looks at local grammar schools, but you will find a fuller profile on each school in the Individual  Schools Section of the website. This includes historical patterns of applications, appeals, academic progress and Ofsted records for each school separately. There is an analysis of 2019 Appeals here, and links to various other relevant articles on the front page. I am conscious that many browsers will be looking for information and advice on school appeals, and my specific article on Coronavirus and Appeals is here. At the time of writing, there is no further information on what the procedure will look like. The equivalent 2019 page is here.    
All four grammar schools set local tests, success at which offers an alternative route for qualification to the Kent Test. All but Dover Boys are oversubscribed with first choices as a result. The following table shows the outcome of all Local Tests. 
Kent Grammar School Allocations including Local Tests 2020
 School PAN  Kent Test  Local Test Vacancies 
% Pupil
Dover Boys 150 63 64  23 17%
Dover Girls 140 56 84  0 23%
Folkestone Girls 180 69 111  0 20%
Harvey 150 101 49  0 19%
Other Grammar Schools with Local Tests    
Highsted 150 120 27 3 13%
Mayfield 180 167 13 0 9%

 Tests did all take place on the same day effectively prohibiting children from taking one in Folkestone and one in Dover. A recent School Adjudicator decision should clear this hurdle and will see applicant numbers rise for 2021  

The four Folkestone and Dover grammar schools have, as a result of the Local Tests, considerably the highest proportion for Kent grammar schools of Year 7 children on Pupil Premium (2019 data), next being Highworth with 15%. This is according to October 2019's school census which has the average for grammar schools at 10%.  

The three oversubscribed schools were Dover Girls - offering places to 135 out of its 145 first choices, qualified by either route; : Folkestone School for Girls - 180 out of its 194 first choices (uniquely all offers going to first choices); and Harvey Grammar -  142 out of 163 first choices for its 150 places.

One negative consequence of Local Testing in Dover and Folkestone is that GCSE performance in non-selective schools is significantly undermined as they lose many of their most able pupils. 

I also consider the two other schools running similar local Tests: Highsted below (East Kent ) and Mayfield above (NW Kent). 

Last modified on Thursday, 25 March 2021 12:46


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