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Friday, 07 February 2020 14:18

Medway Final GCSE Outcomes for 2019

Final GCSE Results for Medway schools published last week confirm the provisional results released in November. This article is a minor revision of the November original as I have found no significant variations in outcome. The key measure of GCSE Performance is Progress 8 (full table here) .Under this measure Medway is slightly above the National Average of -0.03; at +0.03. There was just one school, Robert Napier, Well Below Average  although the results of Medway UTC (Well Below Average in 2018) have been suppressed for unexplained reasons. Attainment 8 (full table here) has Medway exactly the same as the National score of 46.5 with Robert Napier firmly at the foot of the table, although again Medway UTC has results suppressed and is now the Waterfront UTC.

Overall, positions in the full performance tables below are very similar to 2018, with for grammar schools, Rochester being at the head and Holcombe the foot of both tables again. Rainham School for Girls and Thomas Aveling have topped both tables for non-selective schools each year . 

You will find performance tables including outcomes of the English Baccalaureate and  the proportion of pupils gaining Level Five or better in English and maths together with analysis below.

 You will find a full explanation of the various performance measures, together with links to key articles on this site here, and the equivalent 2018 article here. For performance and other data about individual Medway secondary schools, go to here (currently being updated - if you wish to have an individual school or page brought up to date, please let me known). 

 Grammar School Progress 8

Rochester and Rainham Mark grammar schools were both 'super selective' at the time of entry to the schools of the current GCSE cohort and so one would expect this higher performance. The controversial Holcombe Grammar School  appears to be suffering from its internal issues, most recently described here. It also lags badly behind the other five grammar schools in the proportion of boys achieving GCSE Level Five or better in English and maths at Attainment 8. 

Grammar School Progress 8
Scores for 2019
School Score
Well Above Average 
 Rochester Grammar 0.81 
Sir Joseph Williamson's 0.53
Chatham Grammar Girls 0.52
Above Average
 Fort Pitt Grammar 0.36
Rainham Mark Grammar
Holcombe Grammar 0.12
 Non-Selective Progress 8
There is probably little mystery about the suppression of the Medway UTC performance measures, which placed it firmly at the bottom of the 2018 Medway tables. After its calamitous 2018 Special Measures Ofsted outcome, a disgrace for all involved, it has effectively been closed and re-opened as the Waterfront UTC run by the Howard School Trust. Also of note are improvement in performance at St John Fisher Catholic School, balanced by a decline at Robert Napier. Rainham Girls well up on 2018.
Non-Selective Progress 8
Scores for 2019
 School  Score School  Score 
Above Average   Howard School
 Thomas Aveling 0.33   Below Average
Rainham Girls 0.31 Strood Academy  -0.23
Greenacre  -0.27
St John Fisher Catholic 0.13  Walderslade Girls -0.34
Hundred of Hoo
Well Below Average 
and below Floor Level of -0.5
Brompton Academy -0.12  Robert Napier  -0.64
Victory Academy -0.12  Medway UTC Suppressed
Robert Napier was awarded a Good Ofsted classification in January 2019, Inspectors recording that: 'Pupils make similar progress by the end of key stage 4 to pupils nationally, across a broad range of subjects. Current pupils are making even better progress than previous pupils because of better teaching and an improved culture of learning in the school'. However, the 2019 provisional GCSE results for 2019, placing the school bottom in Medway in four of the five measures (apart from the suppressed Medway UTC results) show a sharp decline across the board on the 2018 data.   
Grammar School Attainment 8
Scores for 2019
School Score
 Rochester Grammar 69.0 
Rainham Mark Grammar 66.7
Sir Joseph Williamson's  65.5
Fort Pitt Grammar 65.2
Chatham Grammar Girls
Holcombe Grammar 59.2


Non-Selective Attainment 8
Scores for 2019
 School  Score School  Score 
Thomas Aveling
Brompton Academy
Rainham Girls  44.0 Strood Academy 38.4
Howard School 42.8 Walderslade Girls 37.2
Hundred of Hoo 41.6 Victory Academy
St John Fisher 41.4  Robert Napier 32.3
Greenacre 40.6 Medway UTC Suppressed
 English Baccalaureate
 No surprises in the table here. Top of the table came Rochester Grammar (96% eligible), followed by Rainham Mark (83%), Sir Joseph Williamson's (80%) and Chatham Girls (77%). These are followed by Rainham School for Girls and The Howard. There is a long fall to the two other grammar schools, Fort Pitt (42%) and Holcombe (41%) grammars. Four schools with fewer than 10% of pupils qualifying, although Brompton College which was there in 2018 now has 17%. This leaves Robert Napier with 4%, Strood and Victory academies with 3% and Walderslade Girls with 2% but, is this such a bad thing as they may well offer a more diverse curriculum better suited to their pupils? Last year there was just one School with no pupils following the government recommended curriculum - Medway UTC, results suppressed for 2019. For those pupils who took the Ebacc, the performance list order looks very familiar.
GCSE Level Five or better in English and maths at Attainment 8
Not surprisingly the six grammar schools are well ahead here, led this time by Sir Joseph Williamson's on 94% of boys at this level. The next four all achieved 82% or better, with Holcombe lagging at 75% which would have placed it 29th out of the 32 Kent grammars. Four non-selective schools achieved over 30% of their pupils at this level: Hundred of Hoo, Rainham Girls; Thomas Aveling; and St John Fisher Catholic. At the foot of the table come Walderslade Girls (23%); Strood 22%; and Robert Napier 10%, with again no entry for Medway UTC. Robert Napier also came bottom on the average point score for those pupils achieving Level 5 or better in English and Maths.  
Last modified on Wednesday, 11 March 2020 00:12

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  • Comment Link Friday, 25 October 2019 23:18 posted by Aghast Prospective Holcombe parent

    So if you have a boy like us, who has passed the Medway Test and live in Chatham, there really is no alternative to the appalling Holcombe Grammar. We talk about this endlessly with our friends, and its like the Brexit deal. Riddled with holes, but there is no alternative as a famous Conservative once said. Is there anyone out there who cares enough to do something about it. PETER: You and many others have my complete sympathy. It may be that a new headteacher will make a difference, but I fear that he or she will still have to follow the disastrous Thinking Schools Academy Trust policies that have brought this school to its knees again. This was after they took it out of Special Measures in the early days before trying to change its nature to fit some elitist fantasy..

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