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Sunday, 22 September 2019 05:17

Kent and Medway Ofsted Outcomes 2018-19: Secondary


69% of the 18 Kent secondary schools inspected by Ofsted in 2018-19 were assessed as Good or Outstanding. Once again this was better overall than the national average of the previous year which was 67% in 2017-18. The Kent schools were also well up on the national figure of 62% from September- March in 2018-19 (latest figures available). The two Medway schools inspected improved from Requires Improvement (RI) to Good. The 16 Kent non-selective schools were also above the national average overall for Good or Outstanding schools inspected in September to March this year, at 65% equalling the overall national figure in 2017-18.

Meopham 2

You will find fuller data and a list of the Kent and Medway secondary Ofsted Inspections below. There was just one Outstanding secondary Ofsted, with Meopham School having risen from the depths of Inadequate in 2012. The Towers School has also improved, from RI to Good. Four schools dropped in standard including the two grammars inspected, with The Malling School being looked at in more detail below.  I also look at the notorious Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey, RI,  which appears fortunate not to have been found Inadequate.

In Medway there were just two inspections,  St John Fisher Catholic Comprehensive School and The Robert Napier School, with both seeing welcome improvements to Good from RI. I have rightly been very critical of St John Fisher in the past, but it appears to have now turned a corner as explained below.

I have started this year to separate out Short Inspections, which look at some schools with previous Good or Outstanding outcomes, but the small numbers reduce their significance for 2018-19. Most Short Inspections have the same assessment confirmed, but some will trigger a subsequent inspection where there are grounds to raise or lower the level. There were, in the event, just four secondary Short Inspections in Kent all confirming a previous Good Outcome, but many more primaries (article to come).

I am in the process of adding the recent Ofsted history of each Kent and Medway secondary school to my Individual Schools sections on this site for Kent and Medway, which contain data on places offered, appeals and performance for every school, amongst other information. If you would like me to give a particular school priority in this editing, or a page needs updating, please let me know. 

I have regularly seen on school websites again this year, the usual claims about best ever GCSE and A Level results. I prefer to wait until Provisional Results are published next month to authenticate these, as some tend to be selective in their choice of data. 

Kent Secondary Ofsted: 2018-19

Kent has: 24 Grammar Academies; 8 Local Authority or Foundation Grammar Schools; 

1 UTC; 3 Free Schools; 50 Non-Selective Academies;

11 Local Authority or Foundation Non-Selective Schools

  Outstanding Good
Inadequate Up Down Total
Grammar Academy
1 0 0  0 1 1
Grammar LA
0  1  0  0  0  1 1
Grammar % 0% 100% 0%
Non-Sel Academy  1 5 4  0 2 1 10
Non-Sel  Academy
Free Short
 0  4 0  0  0  0 4
Non-Sel LA 0 1 1 0 0 1 2
Non-Sel % 6% 63% 31%  0%  1% 1%  
Total Percentage 6% 67% 28%  0% 1% 2%  
% Sep 18 - Mar 19% 5% 62% 24% 9%       
 2017 -18 4% 65% 23%  8%       

 Note: There were no grammar Short Inspections, and no non-selective inspections for Local Authority or Foundation schools 

Medway Secondary Ofsted: 2018 - 2019
  Outstanding Good
Inadequate Up Down
Non-Sel Academy
1 0 0  1 0
Non-Selective  0  1
0  0 1 0
Non-Selective %  0% 100% 0%  0%  0% 0%
Kent Secondary Schools
Overall, 84% of Kent secondary schools are now Good or Outstanding, compared with a government figure for Kent of 86% (the latter excludes schools that have not been inspected since academisation). This is much better than the national average of 76%.  The figure of 18 schools inspected was much smaller than the 29 Kent schools that were inspected in total in 2017-18. 
Individual Kent Secondary
Schools Ofsted  2018-19
Schools Status* Assessment Change
Maidstone Grammar Foundation Good Down One
Oakwood Park Grammar Academy Good Down One
Dover Christ Church Academy Academy Requires Improvement No Change
Hadlow Rural Community Free Good (S) No Change
High Weald Academy Academy Requires Improvement No Change
John Wallis CofE Academy Academy Good (S) No Change
The Malling School Foundation Requires Improvement Down One
Maplesdon Noakes Academy Good (S) No Change
Meopham Academy Outstanding Up One
Oasis Academy IOS Academy Requires Improvement No Change
St Edmund's Catholic Academy Requires Improvement No Change
St Georges CofE Foundation Foundation Good No Change
Sandwich Technology Academy Academy Good No Change
Trinity Free Good (S) No Change
Towers Academy Good Up One
Westlands  Academy Good Down One
Wrotham Academy Good No Change
Wye Free Good No Change
The Meopham result, via two Ofsted Good Inspections on the way is explored in more detail here. You will also find a look there at Swale Academies Trust success rate in turning round struggling Local Authority Schools. The other school to improve its assessment is the Towers School.

Four schools saw a fall in  Ofsted Level, with the two Maidstone boys’ grammar schools dropping from Outstanding to Good, looked at here. Westlands also saw a decline, all three of these schools down from Outstanding to Good, suffering from another change of policy which had previously exempted Outstanding schools from a subsequent inspection. The fourth was The Malling School, looked at in more detail below.

Medway Schools
Medway has an astonishing 89% of its 17 secondary schools most recently assessed as Good or Outstanding, with all but one of its secondary schools Academies free of Medway Council control. I look at the improvement to the remaining school, St John Fisher Catholic Comprehensive in more detail below. There are now just two of the 17 Medway schools not at this standard. They are Walderslade Girls which has recently changed headteachers after a difficult few years, and Medway UTC, the only school in the county which would carry a fully appropriate Special Measures label, were it not for its take over by the Howard Schools Trust, as explained here, a takeover which sees the Ofsted assessment cancelled.
I take a further look at The Malling School, Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey and St John Fisher Catholic comprehensive on the next page. 

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Last modified on Wednesday, 22 January 2020 16:35

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