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Friday, 29 March 2019 17:47

Oversubscription and Vacancies in Kent Grammar Schools on Allocation for 2019

Maidstone and Ashford
Maidstone Grammar is the only one of the six grammar schools to be oversubscribed for 2019, with 214 first choices for its 205 places. Both Maidstone boys' grammars have lost their Outstanding Ofsted status.
Norton Knatchbull School in Ashford, has kept last year's temporary increase to 2010 places, from the previous 149. It made 170 offers including all its 158 first choices. This surely therefore, sends out a message that it is looking for additional pupils through the appeals process, similar to last year's 70%, the history confirmed in the Individual School Profile, but still places it below Invicta and Oakwood (below). The county average grammar appeal success rate is 29%. The large number of successful appeals no doubt contributes to the 25% loss of numbers between Years 11 and 12. 
Oakwood Park continues to suffer badly from the Maidstone Grammar expansion in 2017, but is recovering well from that low of just 95 places offered in 2017, with 119 for 2019. However, just 60 of these were first choices. As with the two girls' grammars, the success rate at appeal is traditionally very high. 
Highworth Grammar has kept its temporary intake number at 210 (up from 184) presumably in preparation for the rapid expansion of Ashford in progress. It made 189 offers, all but seven of them to first choices. 
Invicta Grammar has kept its temporary expansion at 240 places, up from the PAN of 192. One could almost feel that, like Maidstone Grammar it is trying to undermine its competitor.  It has made 236 offers  of which 214 are first choices. Some of the 14 second choices will be unsuccessful candidates for Rochester Grammar which has sharply increased its cut off score (Medway grammars article to follow).  The Sixth form expulsion scandal of two years ago does not appear to have touched its popularity for younger girls. Traditionally it takes in a very high proportion of girls on appeal, last year seeing 77% upheld (but down on the 2017 record of 89% for a grammar school in the county,) It has a high record of success at GCSE, but then sees a large number leave immediately afterwards.
Maidstone Girls’ Grammar, which has rivalled Invicta in previous years under an earlier headteacher, also had its own sixth form admissions scandal and, whilst the number of places offered remains very low for a school that used to fill each year, reaching a new low intake of 122 for its 180 places, the highest number by some way of any Kent grammar school, as its popularity has crashed. A similar pattern on appeals to Invicta, and with these numbers one can expect high appeal success this summer, the high leaving pattern at the end of GCSE in previous years having vanished for 2018.

Last modified on Monday, 30 March 2020 19:39


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