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Thursday, 11 October 2018 10:31

Kent Test Results 2018, Initial Outcomes and Comment

Update: Important Advice - In response to multiple enquiries you cannot appeal the Kent Test Results; challenge the Head teacher Assessment or arrange a late HTA.  What you can do is apply for one or more grammar schools and then appeal against decision of the schools to turn you down if your child did not pass the Kent Test. Please note I am still working through 200 enquiries since I published this article, too many of which request information freely available on the site via the information pages on the right hand side.

Please do not post comments about individual situations. This is not a forum.  Feel free to use my contact me form with full information as requested if you live in Kent or Medway and are seeking advice on Kent or Medway schools only. 

24 hours since publication,  over 5000 hits, a record. 

You will find the parallel article for the Medway test here

Kent Test results have been published with the pass mark slightly higher than last year. This is no reflection on the difficulty of the Test as it will have been set as always to select the target percentage of Kent children going through at 21%. This year an automatic pass has been awarded to candidates scoring 107 on each of the three sections - English, mathematics, and reasoning – along with an aggregate score across the three sections of 323. Further details will follow as I receive them.

An additional number of children will have been found to be of grammar school standard through what is called the Headteacher Assessment, targeted to be 5% of the total cohort. You will find full details of the whole Kent Selection process here. Overall, these two processes last year yielded passes for 25.4% of Kent children in the age cohort.  

KCC make individual test scores available to parents who registered online from 5 p.m. today, Thursday, so there will no longer be the anxious wait or chasing up of primary schools for results of previous years.

As last year, I  shall be publishing a second article later when I receive more data from KCC.

The number of out of county children who have passed the Kent test continues to rise inexorably, with a further 11% being found selective over the 2017 test (contrast this to the 46% increase in Medway). However, the number being offered places in Kent grammar schools has stabilised and was even slightly lower at 465 for 2018 admissions (468 in 2017).  

You will find initial figures released by KCC below, mainly taken from the official press release, together with further information and ways I can support you. I find that the information articles on this website (right hand side of this article and every page of the website), with links below, answer the majority of questions I receive. 

Although KCC cannot guarantee every Kent child who has passed, a place in a Kent grammar school (and not necessarily of their choice), there were no reported cases in recent years of grammar qualified Kent children not getting in who were looking for a place, although some have had to go to appeal. Further thoughts below. 

Kent Test Results 2018 For Admission in 2019
  Kent Schools Out of County & Other  
  Boys Girls Total Boys Girls Total Total
Sat Kent Test 2018             16656
Assessed Suitable
For Grammar
Admission 2019
    4641     3065 7706
Sat Kent Test 2017 25185 25528 210713 4832 15937
Assessed Suitable
For Grammar
Admission 2018
2138 2277 4650 2757 7407
Assessed Suitable
 for Grammar
Admission 2017
2187 2185 4369 1128 1037 2168 6537

Some 350 additional children are eligible for a single grammar school through success in the Dover, Shepway, Mayfield (Gravesend Girls) or Highsted (Sittingbourne Girls) Tests.

Notes: (1) I don't yet have data for boys and girls differentiated for this year, but will include this as soon as it is available

        (2)  'Other' includes children who are home educated. 

        (3) Some totals do not add up, as late adjustments were made. 

Please Note that this article has been produced to meet the Thursday 4 p.m. deadline and is likely to be revised at my leisure, if I have any over the next three weeks!

If you wish to contact me please read the information at the foot of the page and use the Contact Me Form together with all the information I request. If it is a simple question I will attempt to respond to it directly. 

Sources of Information and Advice
 For those unsure of their situation when it comes to allocation I offer various sources for free advice, but always speak to your primary headteacher who should have an objective view and knowledge of your local situation.

For information you will find Oversubscription and vacancies in Kent Grammar schools on allocation for Admission September 2019 provides considerable information on pressure of places, as does the series of pages on Individual Kent Secondary Schools, which also contain additional information on each school, including take up of places. I am afraid I am behind in updating some of these pages (look at update date in top left hand corner), so if you would like more up recent information, please let me know. You will also find additional data on OFSTED Ratings, Examination Performance, and Appeal Statistics together with other important news, comment and information here. Also try entering the name of the school you are interested in in the Website Search engine: this may provide other news, comment and information articles about that school over recent years.

I will shortly publish an article on school appeals statistics for schools for entry in September 2018. You will find last year's article here, with a link to further outcomes. In the meantime you may wish to consult the relevant information pages for Kent Grammar School Appeals or Oversubscription Appeals the latter for both non-selective and grammar schools, or the Individual Schools section.  

For those obsessed with individual Kent Test scores for other children, there is a breakdown of the 2017 figures here. This is unlikely to be repeated for 2018, as KCC have now correctly applied the Freedom of Information Act and such individual scores are no longer available. This information will also rightly be no longer be available for individual FOI requests for detailed information relating to scores, as these can enable individual children’s performances  to be identified.  You will find a previous article which fully explains the issue, here

Out Of County Children
Only a small proportion of the successful OOC children will take up places in Kent grammar schools, with last year just 465 of the 2757 qualified for a Kent grammar school being offered places, a considerable number of the remainder being amongst the 603 disappointed first choices not awarded places in the four Dartford grammar schools, and the 352 for the six West Kent grammars. I suspect the number will fall again this year with Skinners giving priority for most places to local boys. 

I suspect the overwhelming majority of the others will have had other preferences met, including the M25 tourists, whose poor children take grammar school tests all around the ring.

'Pressure Points

Kent County Council gives the number of grammar school places provided for September 2018 as 5215, up from 5060 last year. However this figure is misleading as there are different ways of assessing it, temporary places having been stripped out to produce the figures, although most will remain in practice. In addition, some grammar schools increase their intake further in response to demand. Last year, I counted a total of 5449 places available, with 5213 for 2017.  Basically no one will know authoritatively until schools make final decisions in the months leading up to next March. You will find all the relevant individual secondary school statistics for 2018 entry here.  However, an indeterminate proportion of grammar qualified Kent children will not take up places in Kent grammar schools this summer, many, especially in West Kent, opting for private schools and others choosing grammar schools in other Authorities. Last year 151 Kent children took up places in grammar schools outside the county.

I anticipate as with last year, the proportion of Kent girls being found suitable for grammar school will be slightly higher than that for boys, last year 26.6% girls to 24.3% boys, but in both cases all Kent children should be allocated a grammar school place eventually, not necessarily of their choice.

The main pressure areas are West and North West Kent and Whitstable/Herne Bay. In West Kent all Kent girls should get a grammar school place in the District, not always the one of their choice. The boys’ situation has eased considerably with additional places being put into all three schools and the two super-selectives, Judd and Skinners, now both giving priority for most of their places to local boys. There is always a shakedown in West Kent and some boys may need to go to appeal as in previous years, but in past years, all have been successful at one of the schools, to the best of my knowledge.

North West Kent continues to have the greatest pressure, caused by enormous numbers applying from London Boroughs, Dartford Grammar turning away 313 grammar qualified first choices last year (and rising year on year) and, along with the girls rejecting local applicants whose pass scores were not high enough (disgracefully and contrary to promises made to the Schools Adjudicator when he approved their new arrangements). However, the two Wilmington Grammars now give priority mainly to Kent children and although they have increased greatly in popularity should pick up all local children who have qualified and choose them, as the number of out of county siblings continues to fall. Last year there was a specific problem for boys in the Longfield, New Ash Green area, but in the end all who wished secured places at Gravesend Grammar

Whitstable/Herne Bay remains difficult for boys, with no local grammar school and extensive building development in the area, some having to settle for a grammar school in Thanet. Whilst some boys will find places in Canterbury, there is not a problem in capacity for girls in the city.

 In other areas the situation can be fluid, and the 5215 places will certainly expand further,  with temporary increases as schools measure demand and capacity.

There will always be horror stories about pressure on grammar school places -they make good media copy, especially with proposals to expand grammar school places (but expansion has been happening for years without legislation and will no doubt continue). The reality is that eight of the 32 Kent grammar schools had vacancies last March on allocation for the second year running, spread across the county apart from the West and NW. 

My Services
As you may know, I run a Telephone Consultation Service to respond to any further questions, uncertainties or problems you may have about school admissions or appeals.  The cost is just £50 for half an hour, and I ask you to provide all the information I request when you submit an enquiry, made easier as last year by the publication of scores for online Test entries. I have retired from the full service I used to offer.
Whatever your situation, I wish you all the best in securing a place at the school of your choice. Last year in Kent, on allocation in March 79.6% of children were offered their first choice of school, and 95.6% one of their choices. Both those figures will have improved following re-allocation of places and appeal by the end of the summer. 

Last modified on Wednesday, 16 October 2019 22:20


  • Comment Link Tuesday, 07 May 2019 15:16 posted by Simon Witham

    Are there any complaints regarding the Kent Test that took place at Shears Green Junior School on Saturday 8th September 2018 at 9am - with regards to the test running very late because of toilet breaks etc? PETER: I haven't heard anything, but too late now I would have thought to do anything.

  • Comment Link Monday, 15 October 2018 11:22 posted by Danny Roberts

    Concerning my previous question about 'cut off score' for 'in area' girls applying to Dartford, and proximity test for Wilmington Girls. Dartford advise that last year's 'cut off score' for 'in area' girls was 341. Wilmington advise that last year's 'furthest away offer' was 3.3 miles. Looks to me that my daughter is a 'shoo in' for Wilmington and has a reasonable chance of Dartford. Both will, as you say, be put on the SCAF. Thank you. Both now entered on the site.

  • Comment Link Monday, 15 October 2018 11:06 posted by Mladen

    Hi, I wondered, is there an information available to see anonymous results for comparing purposes?
    Thanks! PETER: Read my article!

  • Comment Link Saturday, 13 October 2018 13:39 posted by Danny Roberts

    My daughter scored 356. We live just over one mile from Wilmington GSG, within Kent. My sense is that Wilmington GSG is the easy default choice, since its criteria are purely how close you live to the school. What chance though of Dartford GSG? We'd be in the '100 places reserved' for local girls (Wilmington parish), but at a score of 356, I sense it could be that she won't get in. What do you think? PETER: Apply for both and see what happens. Anyone who pretends to know the answer to this one is foolish.

  • Comment Link Friday, 12 October 2018 12:23 posted by S K Kanojia

    Hi Sir

    My daughter score 373 and we are OOC however if we have surety that this score can get her to Tunbridge Wells Girls school or Tonbridge Grammar School for girls , we are ready to move in to Catchment area . please advice. PETER: See previous answer

  • Comment Link Thursday, 11 October 2018 23:05 posted by Tessa Hewitt

    Hi, I love your site, it''s invaluable stuff! My son has obtained a score of 390. We live OOC, postcode is TN6. I am trying to asses whether to apply for Judd and Skinners, and if I do, which one to put as first choice. PETER: I am afraid as my website makes clear in various places that I am unable to comment on OOC issues. Sorry.

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