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Thursday, 17 May 2018 12:27

Turner Schools: Folkestone Academy, Turner Free School, Martello Primary and Morehall Primary.


You will find a considerable update to this article here, posted 13th July

One of the Turner School Visions:

We follow Aristotle’s philosophy that educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all,

which we interpret as being the whole person.

Turner Schools, an Academy Trust whose leaders have no problem with schools being profit making enterprises, appears to be heading for difficulty with each of its four Folkestone projects. Currently Folkestone Academy is the only non-selective school serving the town. It is to be joined in September by the Turner Free School, to be opened on the site of the old Pent Valley School. The Trust also runs two Folkestone primary schools acquired in January 2017 from the failed and now closed Lilac Sky Schools Academy Trust and both struggling to attract pupils.

One problem I, and surely most enquirers, have with the website for the Trust with its sections for  each of the four schools, is that it appears to be aimed at an audience of academics and teachers (website now superseded). This is in contrast with every other school website I have visited which set out to be attractive to parents and potential parents, providing them with much valuable information rather than empty words and aspirations.  

I look at all four schools in more detail below on separate pages, underneath a broader look at the Trust, with the following links to each school: Turner Free School; Folkestone Academy; Morehall Primary & Martello Primary You can see a fascinating variety of views in the comments at the foot of the page. 

Turner Schools (website complete with multiple slogans which appear across all Trust publications) was founded by Jo Saxton, Chief Executive Officer, and Professor Carl Lygo, Chairman. Jo has also worked for the Education Minister, Lord Nash, and has been a Trustee of the influential New Schools Network, which was run by Toby Young, one of the leading advocates of the Free School movement, now disgraced. Professor Lygo was founding Vice-Chancellor of the BPP a Private University Group for Professional Services, described as 'Britain's first 'for-profit university. You will find further details about their current roles here.
Amongst the numerous descriptions of purpose:

As a family of schools, we work collaboratively to give our children the very best start in life. We deliver this through:

  • A knowledge-based curriculum, structured by traditional subjects, properly sequenced to ensure systematic, thorough teaching for all
  • Mixed ability teaching
  • Family dining (not sure how this high priority will work at the Secondary Section of Folkestone Academy with its 1500 pupils).

We aim to be a force for good in the community we serve, supporting social mobility and regeneration through education. We call this mission “sea-change”.

In the two primary schools, where the Trust’s vision is now established, parents and teachers are voting with their feet against both schools. Morehall Primary has seen a massive fall off in popularity, with just 11 families choosing places at the school for 2018 entry, at 13%, second lowest figure in Kent. Second lowest in Folkestone is Martello Primary, Turner’s other school, at 60% and subject to a high turn-over of children, seeking other schools. Between them they account for 48 of the 74 vacancies across the town’s seventeen schools. The two schools are currently on their third joint Executive Head in just over a year. Folkestone Academy is in the middle of a major structural reorganisation to align itself more closely with some of the Trust’s ideals, in the midst of considerable staff turmoil. The Turner Free School on its front page of 'latest news' informed browsers that it had attracted just 70 applicants for its 120 places for some time after I wrote this article. It has now been removed as a result of my drawing attention. I am told by the Trust that the school has now had 240 applications with half placed on a waiting list, but this site is the only place you would know the fact. If that is the case, then probably most of these have also secured places at Folkestone Academy.

This monopoly in secondary provision across Folkestone is unique in the county and has the effect of eliminating choice for families who dislike the ethos projected by the Trust in its schools. There is considerable deprivation in parts of the town, most notably nearer to Folkestone Academy.

There is no doubt that the three/four Shepway non-selective schools (including Marsh Academy in New Romney) suffer from the two Folkestone grammars offering the Shepway Test which sees around 150 additional children who have not passed the Kent Test taking up places in local grammar schools each year. This will not only skim off many of the most able but will have played a significant part in the closure of Pent Valley in 2016. That school suffered from poor leadership and became unpopular with families so that its intake became unviable, the consequent closure certainly not being the only example of such an extreme response to solving a leadership problem.

Folkestone Academy is in the middle of an unpopular and major reorganisation, set out in a Consultation document, headed up by new and temporary leaders, which appears rushed and mainly designed to shed 42 staff. I give several examples below illustrating the mixed and mixed up ideas and what appears to be ad hoc decision making. 

At the same time, and partially because of the lack of enthusiasm for both schools, Brockhill Park Performing Arts College has become one of the most oversubscribed schools in Kent turning away 134 first choices this year. Jo Saxton, CEO of Turner Schools has produced a Youtube interview with Academy FM, run by Folkestone Academy in response to a letter to parents triggered by this article, here and featured/reproduced in Medway Vox. Amongst the many comments published below is one I have had to abbreviate because of its length. However it is important and from a recent member of staff, so you can read it in full here. Sadly, the video also continues a theme of promoting manipulated examples, three below.

Quote on the subject of staff cuts:'Let's be clear. The document doesn't say anything about numbers'. Technically correct for the document itself, but very misleading as the attached Appendix goes into great detail about the proposed loss of 42 staff, including 10 teaching and subject structures staff (although the letter to parents talks about 'The creation of new teacher posts') and the titles of the posts to be removed. There are various other 'errors'. 

Quote on the alleged unpopularity of primary schools: 'Yeah, I don't understand that.  Certainly, Morehall Primary has got waiting lists in some year groups. Martello Primary has trebled in size since we first arrived there'. Both technically correct but both misleading. My data for Morehall was about the 11 children applying for admission in September 2018. As recorded below, the other year groups were full from admissions during previous managements - underlying the decline this year. In January 2016, in its second year of operation, the Martello roll was 49, the normal intake having reached year One. By January 2018, the school had grown by admitting four full year groups, with a little infilling to 151 pupils, and for September 2018, there were just 18 pupils applying for the 30 places. 

The 31 comments to date are at the foot of this and all four pages of the article. They make interesting reading. 

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Last modified on Tuesday, 28 December 2021 16:44


  • Comment Link Thursday, 24 January 2019 18:53 posted by Jim Boom

    Hi Peter,
    Having grown up under communism it gives me a sense of dread but a slightly bemused reaction at how good this DR Saxton is at spin and propaganda provision regarding her charges. As in communist times I guess it's a case of who you know, not what you know. Corruption of the highest calibre is possible in UK in the 21st century, especially galling when it's linked to education. It happens all around us you know. PETER: I have seen no evidence of corruption or reason to think it exists in this case, although as you say there is plenty around. I continue to consider that Dr Saxton is passionate about her beliefs. Its just that she is wrong.

  • Comment Link Sunday, 01 July 2018 22:32 posted by Survivor ex teacher

    I was a well established middle leader at FA...forced to leave & take a step down from a job I was good at due to the absolutely appalling conditions we had been expected to work under. Weak, inexperienced and quite honestly, clueless leadership has driven this school, students and staff to a state of dispair. Thankfully, my new school has quickly realised my potential and my career will continue to progress but i will NEVER forgive the destruction caused by these people to the lives and futures of some of the most amazing kids.

    They should be thoroughly ashamed. PETER: Another teacher who has identified themselves to me!

  • Comment Link Wednesday, 27 June 2018 13:09 posted by kathy

    I may be wrong, but it looks like Turner Schools have managed to misspell the word 'knowledgeable' on their front page website bio of their CEO. Which isn't a great start for an education provider. PETER: Compared to the other mistakes on the website a small blunder, but indicative

  • Comment Link Sunday, 24 June 2018 21:35 posted by In the know

    As a current Folkestone Senior Leader and a friend of a number of teachers and support staff that work at Turner Primary School I am well placed to confirm all that Peter states. In recent weeks I have met many parents who are urgently trying to remove their children from the Turner Primary Schools due to reported inadequate teaching, unsupportive leaders and out of control behaviour. Parents and professionals know the reality of what is going on and parents and children are now voting with their feet.

  • Comment Link Wednesday, 13 June 2018 09:29 posted by Nearly there

    I resigned from Folkestone Academy last month and can hardly wait for term to end, as a I survey the chaos, dismay and anger around me. I am not alone. I don't have a teaching job lined up as yet, but I do have peace of mind. The ad for head of maths you highlight underlines the rubbish being pumped out. I have provided my identity for verification purposes.

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 12 June 2018 04:46 posted by Soon to be ex FA Teacher

    Peter, Are you aware of the number of teachers who have resigned from Folkestone Academy for this summer without jobs to go to? This is a school in melt down. PETER: Yes, I am well aware it is happening. I am trying to get hold of details. With the school looking to shed 20 teachers this may well happen without redundancy if they go from the right places. The demand for places at the new Free School which will nearly all be from families trying to avoid FA, may ease the inevitable pressures a little.

  • Comment Link Friday, 08 June 2018 23:06 posted by PR

    My son has had four not very good (to put it mildly) temporary teachers this term from whom he has learned little if anything. Five of his favourite teachers are leaving. He has lost all enthusiasm for what was a good school. Surely someone has to take responsibility for giving the Academy to a bunch of amateurs (again putting it mildly).

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 29 May 2018 18:13 posted by Richard Regent

    I think that there is sufficient evidence here to seek a public enquiry into the manner by which Turner have been awarded schools in Folkestone by the DfE. If the comments on this site are correct there is a clear case of improper conduct to investigate on the part of the DfE, the local MP and Turner itself. There is a scandal here which needs exposing. The RSC/DFE need to account for their actions in allowing the monopolisation of education in Folkestone. PETER: I am afraid it will never happen. It would be politically impossible.

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 29 May 2018 13:45 posted by Maths Teacher

    I liked your link to the Head of Maths post at FA, whose purpose is: 'To be part of a learning community where we choose with courage, live with joy and succeed with ambition'. Autonomy is also listed, but you can draw your own conclusions from its being left blank! Best of all is the key behaviour of Passion, top of the list: 'To shout about what you do well; seek answers to what you do
    not understand and find routes through the daily to the truly extraordinary'. Madness. I shan't be applying. PETER: there are plenty more of these examples!

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 29 May 2018 13:34 posted by Turner Teacher, fearful for the future

    Peter, as far as I can see the only alleged errors you are reported to have made by Jo Saxton are entirely correct. On the other hand, the number of false claims the Trust and its representatives have made, many on my behalf, keeps growing as you have demonstrated. Will your refutations ever be challenged? Somehow I don't think so.

  • Comment Link Monday, 28 May 2018 07:49 posted by Radio Professional

    The above PR Video put out by Dr Saxton cannot be taken seriously. The interviewer from Academy FM claims the station to be independent, yet its website proclaims: 'Our primary supporters are the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust and the Folkestone Academy'. The questions are incredibly mild and obviously pre-agreed with no attempt at follow-up, so the whole thing simply serves as a mouthpiece. Given the number of ridiculous and false claims allowed through without challenge, clearly the interviewer has learned nothing, from what I can only assume is his work experience.

  • Comment Link Sunday, 27 May 2018 05:54 posted by Tracey Shelley

    Peter: Your updated comments show once again that shockingly, Turner Schools appear incapable of telling the truth. Is there really no sanction against this? The number and nature of changes at the top of Folkestone Academy hardly suggest there is clear thinking and experience to come up with sensible reorganisation on this scale.

  • Comment Link Friday, 25 May 2018 17:27 posted by C-90

    In one of the posts in this thread there is reference to Damian Collins. As local MP, he was well aware of the good leadership, management and teaching at Folkestone Academy before Turner Schools were, literally, given the reins to the school last April (2017). A look at the former directors of Turner Schools reveals Sarah Collins (nee Richardson) - wife to Damian Collins and, incidentally, former governor at Pimlico Academy where Jo Saxton was based. Small wonder that the local MP had little to say about the events of last April at the Academy, when Turner took over, given that his wife was involved in the Turner's free school project just over the road.

    Another commentator mentions the RSC for the South East, Dominic Herrington. KCC is well aware of the deterioration in standards at the Folkestone Academy since September 2017 but the RSC must obviously be preoccupied with other, more pressing matters, like burying his head in the sand rather than be held to account for his, and others', previous decisions with regard to the handing-over of the Folkestone Academy to Turner Schools.

  • Comment Link Friday, 25 May 2018 11:32 posted by Richard Regent

    The problem underpinning this is how the decision to allow Turner to take over these schools without any prior expertise and experience of running schools can be justified. Education is too important to let fly by night misguided zealots with an ignorant view of what works in schools to be given the keys to the door. This decision was taken by the RSC who presumably thought it was a great idea! The RSC holds schools to account but who holds his office to account for crazy decisions like this? This is negligence on the part of Dominic Herrington and demonstrates why Local Authorities have the best overview of what does and what does not work in schools!

  • Comment Link Thursday, 24 May 2018 23:28 posted by Mrs Turner

    Some very long and worthy quotes here. Try: Turner Schools is a con. Teachers know it. Pupils know it. The video shows it. This article proves it.

  • Comment Link Thursday, 24 May 2018 13:38 posted by Concerned parent and teacher

    I never write on these things, however today I make an exception.
    As an experienced secondary school teacher in Kent & parent I am completely baffled as to how ANYBODY thinks that children who do not get in to Grammar schools will benefit from an education that focuses on languages and the “academic subjects” will enable them to thrive. Languages secondary schools are notoriously difficult to staff and engage children are “less academic”. I have developed curriculums for disengaged teenagers and these children thrive from a diverse curriculum that enables that to find what they are good at and succeed in. This success then gives confidence that helps them to believe in their abilities and motivation to learn across the board. It nurtures the creatives among our young people who will go on to carve successful career paths and work hard in our community. There is no school in Folkestone (apart from the Grammars) that will now teach Design Technology, for example, as subject that children engage with and is relevant to many job industries and vocational paths. The Grammar school see the value in this subject, however it is expensive to run and Turner schools do not include it in vision.

    How have Turner been able to take over all the non-selective schools in Folkestone, giving children and parents no choice in their education and future.

  • Comment Link Wednesday, 23 May 2018 23:01 posted by Another ex-Folkestone academy teacher

    From an Ex Academy teacher who has worked under both regimes. 23rd May 2018
    The recent youtube clip of the interview on Academy FM with Dr Saxton will no doubt
    raise much comment and anger, especially from the Folkestone Academy staff and
    parents. As an ex teacher at the school I am very surprised by this response and the
    content as it is clearly an element of the Turner propaganda machines efforts to fight
    off the negative attention that they are rightly getting now. Transparency and truth are now starting to emerge and about time too. I respond I imagine on behalf of many
    professionals who have had the wonderful experience of working with our children in
    what was a fantastic school serving Folkestone under both regimes. PETER:

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 22 May 2018 22:16 posted by Caroline Strauss

    Parent at Folkestone Academy

    Since Turner Trust have taken over there has been a serious decline in

    Senior management

    It’s ridiculous, the kids have no incentive scheme as that was ripped away from them. The head master has stood up in an assembly and called all the children ‘SHIT’, bullies run riot with absolutely no consequences, all vocational courses have been scrapped, this joker Jo Saxton said the school is a happy place. It’s NOT! Massive numbers of parents are pulling their children from the school because of the constant supply teachers, bullies, no communication from the school about anything. The whole place is miserable. It was fine the way it was until Turner trust got involved. They don’t care about the children at all!

    Anyone even considering applying for any of the schools owned by Turner trust, DONT! It’s not worth your kids happiness or mental health PETER: It is not easy to know what else to say except this is consistent with what I am hearing. however, there is no escape as the alternative will also be run by the same group. Presumably there will be an investigation into the allegation about the head master.

  • Comment Link Monday, 21 May 2018 20:15 posted by Appalled observer

    So why is Family Dining the third highest priority for all schools in the Trust, along with the much heavier knowledge based curriculum and mixed ability teaching? I have taught in a number of secondary schools and can confirm that teachers enthusiasm for sitting down with pupils at lunch time will be very limited or non-existent, as it leaves them with no or very little break in the middle of the day. It won't work. I notice that Folkestone Academy staff do not appear to have been told of this whole Trust proposal. PETER: Presumably this has already been introduced at Martello and Morehall. Whilst it may be much easier to implement at Primary Level, it would be interesting to learn how compulsory sitting down to lunch with the pupils is working for staff at these two schools. Presumably a longer break has been offered as compensation. Surely the Teaching Unions will have a view.

  • Comment Link Monday, 21 May 2018 17:12 posted by Ex Folkestone Academy Teacher

    You say that the Academy was ‘struggling’. Actually, although Progress 8 is challenging for non-selectives, the 2017 figure was -0.22, the 5th most improved across 64 non-selective schools in Kent and comfortably within range to retain a Good Ofsted grade. The principal reason for the demise of Pent Valley was the popularity of the Academy (increasing roll initially to 270 to accommodate choice, and then to 300 when closure was confirmed). Teaching quality was good, as evidenced by the progress of the students. Leadership and staffing provided stability to this community.

    Turner Schools’ consultation document claims that the Folkestone Academy prioritised pastoral care over outcomes and underperformed as a result. This overly simplistic, naive analysis fails to understand context, and the realisation that pastoral care is essential in supporting outcomes in this community. Their impact on arrival is a manual in how not to manage change. Dismissing past achievements. Removal of systems and policies which got the best out of staff and students. Introduction of disastrous behaviour approaches from Pivotal, an organisation run by one of Dr Saxton’s ‘Leadership Matters’ friends. The result of this will be evident in the 2018 examination results. Then Dr Saxton and Professor Lygo might change their perception. PETER: Having strong links with Folkestone still and knowing both Folkestone Academy and Pent Valley through a number of sources, my view remains that FA flourished because of the unpopularity of Pent Valley (a pattern reversed several times over the past 30 years). However the important part of your story is the accurate analysis of the present, including the unhappiness of so many connected with FA now.

  • Comment Link Monday, 21 May 2018 16:55 posted by Phillip R

    Isn't a knowledge based curriculum past its sell by date anyway. Shouldn't we be teaching children the skills to access the internet for knowledge, a tool that Aristotle did not have handy. This approach is now so dated just like the CEO's political and philosophical friends.

    What an opportunity missed to introduce a skills based curriculum preparing our young people for the future they will meet and the present they are coming to terms with.

  • Comment Link Monday, 21 May 2018 16:29 posted by Stephen Nortide

    The real issue here was how Turner was given Pent Valley in the first place. There were two bidders for the new free school. One was an established provider of non selective education in Kent with a good track record and the other was a new untested outfit whose only claim to credibility was that their CEO was mates with Lord Nash. Once again - the triumph of stupidity over common sense. What on earth has Folkestone done to deserve this?

  • Comment Link Monday, 21 May 2018 12:21 posted by Previous proud senior leader

    Thank you for taking the time to report on Turner Schools. As a previous very proud senior teacher at the Folkestone Academy I have been very dismayed to hear of the demise of this institution over the past year. Unfortunately staff morale has plummeted, behaviour has rapidly deteriorated, and achievement is consequently also much lower than under the previous leadership. Turner Schools are repeatedly blaming this on the previous regime: this is simply not true, as the 2017 P8 figure demonstrates.

    Unfortunately you will not have a balanced view of comments on your blog because the vast majority of staff at Folkestone Academy are too scared to comment, as they fear for their jobs. I would encourage you, or any other professional, to follow Dr Saxton’s advice and visit Folkestone Academy for yourself to speak to the staff and students, particularly if you have previously visited under the former regime. You may well be shocked and saddened to see the environment in which these students are trying to learn.

    What we mustn’t forget is that at the heart of this are people: students who deserve the opportunity to learn, who deserve the pastoral support that the houses afford them, who deserve the option to take vocational courses if they are more appropriate to them; teaching and support staff who chose to work in a challenging environment, who believe that every child can succeed when given the correct encouragement and support, and some who, whilst they may not have a degree, have a wealth of experience in working in a deprived community and are able to offer the support and wisdom that a young graduate may not yet possess; parents who may not have received a positive education themselves deserve the guidance and support which was so readily forthcoming under the old house system.

    Education is not a business. It is sad that it is turning into such, and the consequent effect on the community of Folkestone is apparent.

  • Comment Link Monday, 21 May 2018 09:43 posted by Angry parent (email address supplied)

    I took my child away from Martello Grove because of the unchecked poor behaviour last year. I did complain but was ignored. My child used to come home in tears.

  • Comment Link Monday, 21 May 2018 08:19 posted by Confused parent

    I thought turner schools was a charity how can they legally make any profit!! The charities commission and the DfE must be checking it carefully.

    What information do you have to show they are profiting?

    I was speaking to another parent and they were really happy with morehall primary and I am too PETER: I cannot find anywhere that I have said Turner Schools are making a profit. However, there are examples elsewhere on this website that demonstrate other Academy Trusts who have done so, most poignantly at Lilac Sky who previously ran Morehall. I am pleased you are happy with the school, However, like other 'fans' of Turner Schools you do not appear to have read my article which may be why you are confused. I make no explicit criticisms of Morehall, but would ask you why just 11 families have chosen to send their children to the school this year, after a full year of Turner management when, up until now it has attracted a full or nearly full year group of 30 annually. Perhaps you could enquire of those living close to the school who have turned their backs on Morehall this year and find out the reason.

  • Comment Link Monday, 21 May 2018 06:40 posted by Happily current teacher

    As a member of staff at Morehall Primary and previously at Martello I am happy to be a part of the Turner Trust. I was initially employed by Lilacsky and have gone through the transition to Turner Trust. As with any school that undergoes a change in senior leadership we have been on a journey and I am confident that senior leadership know our destination and have been taking us there. One thing I feel confident about is that senior leadership have the best interests of the children at heart and work hard to ensure this is happening. PETER: So why do families not want to send their children there after over a year after Turner Schools took over? However, its good to see staff following my website over the weekend or this early in the morning!

  • Comment Link Sunday, 20 May 2018 17:05 posted by Richard W

    I have been referred to your Turner article as a parent who chose to avoid Morehall School for my son although it is my nearest. I am afraid you have a great PR job to do, to sell the product to parents. Changes may indeed have been made, but they are not yet evident. We are well pleased with the alternative. The website is a joke.

  • Comment Link Sunday, 20 May 2018 11:26 posted by Michele Sowden-Mehta

    Official reports, which will be published shortly, show how far both of the schools have come and that the information provided to you regarding the behaviour of the children and the quality of the leadership is incorrect.

    School Principal.PETER: I know that both schools were very problematic under Lilac Sky, and i am delighted you will have official reports to show the changes you have made, However, i still have faith in parents and you have a long way to go to convince them as proven by take up at both schools. My observation looking at the website presentations online is that this is not the way to go about it and I suggest you look at some good sites to see what parents should expect and will be encouraged by. Can you please point me to the reference you report me as having made about behaviour. I am well aware that this has been an issue, but chose not to introduce it.

  • Comment Link Sunday, 20 May 2018 09:18 posted by Jo Saxton

    Good Morning Peter,

    There are too many factual inaccuracies to post here. Ranging from pupil numbers - eg the Free School was oversubscribed x2, 120 have accepted places and there is a waiting list, Martello has trebled in roll - to my role as NSN (look at the date I stood down), to the sequencing of the leadership support we’ve provided to Martello, which includes SEN specialist David Bartram OBE, and KS1 ASD expertise from Outstanding Swiss Cottage.

    Those that judge schools know the best way to do so is by visiting.
    As an experienced Head I am sure you’d prefer to come and judge the facts for yourself rather than relying on the opinions of third parties.

    We’ve had emails from you before to but none in 2018. I’ll share my personal email, just in case. PETER: I took my information about numbers from the Turner Schools website 'latest news'. Hardly a third party source, so certainly not a factual inaccuracy as you claim! KCC figures for primary school allocations, which I presume are reliable, show that just 11 pupils who applied for the 60 Morehall Reception class were offered places, another 9 being Local Authority Allocations who had not applied for the school. This is a sharp fall from at least seven previous years when the school has been full or nearly full with an intake of 30, and is the second lowest figure in Kent. Parents are clearly voting with their feet. Whilst the Martello fall is not quite as great, it still has the second largest vacancy rate in Folkestone. Elsewhere the large majority of Folkestone schools are completely full and oversubscribed. Of course Martello has tripled in roll, as the age range increases year on year for this new school. The most recent census shows that all but one year groups Year R to 5 (Years Six has not worked through) have 24-30 children in each year, many of them Local Authority applications or late arrivals in the town or country who have nowhere else to go. This is yet another claim that is provable false. Incidentally I used the email address given on the comment form!

  • Comment Link Sunday, 20 May 2018 06:24 posted by Happily ex teacher

    The only factual error about Martello Primary, is that you have failed to give the full appalling story of how leaders took a school in need of improvement and allowed standards of behaviour to fall. The school was out of control under poor leadership when I left and I understand is no better. You are quite correct about SEN. It was wholly inadequate to cover needs and the policy and promises of the SEN policy are, as you describe it, fantasy!.

  • Comment Link Saturday, 19 May 2018 15:01 posted by Jo Saxton

    Dear Peter,

    There are a number of factual inaccuracies in your post about Turner Schools.

    I would be happy to provide you with accurate information including about the standards we inherited, as I am sure you would want your readers to have the true picture.


    Jo Saxton PETER. I have tried to send you the following email, but the address supplied is reported as invalid "I am obviously concerned about inaccuracy and I believe my article is based on the facts available to me, or reported to me by reliable sources.

    However, I am more than happy to correct any errors, if you could let me know these". Please email me.

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