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Thursday, 10 April 2014 00:00

News Stories

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I have been looking at the stories and information pages that have provoked most interest on this website. The most popular news items (those with over 20,000 visitors since publication ) naturally include six stories about  Kent and Medway admissions and the Kent Test, and three about problems in Medway. What I hadn't appreciated was the popularity of stories about individual schools, the remainder being articles about Chaucer Technology School (49,820), Swan Valley School/Ebbsfleet Academy, Marlowe Academy, Dover Road Primary School (Gravesham), and two Catholic Schools - St Edmund's RC, Dover and St Philip Howard, Herne Bay, all attracting over 20,000 visitors. 

Biggest draw by far is the information page article on Kent Grammar School Admissions at 85,687 visitors, the second most popular information article listing Kent Special Schools and Units (41,071). Other popular pages provide information about Kent secondary school admissions, Kent grammar school appeals, secondary school statistics on admissions and appeals, Medway grammar school applications, primary school admissions and appeals, and the thorny issue of school transport and transport appeals.

You will find the full lists below, followed by comments about some of the individual stories.........


News, News Archive and Blog Items
Item Title Hits Date
Is Chaucer Technology College to be Closed? 49820 Mar 14
Tribulations of Swan Valley School 38157 Mar 14
KCC Review of Kent Test & High Scorers 31608 Mar14
Medway Test 2013 & Last Year's Debacle 27269 Oct 12
Marlowe Academy - Does it have a Future 26823 Jan 13
Kent Test for 2014 out to tender again 24745 Aug 13
The Sad Story of Dover Road Primary School 24731 Apr 13
Primary Admissions 2012 - Pressure on Places 23854 Apr 12
a Remarkable Coincidence?
23422 Dec 11
Medway Test Results, change in Max score in Kent 23076 Oct 12
Cracks Widening in Kent's Grammar School System 22655 Mar 12
Home School Agreements & Swan Valley School 22524 Aug 13
oversubscription & vacancies 2012
21123 Mar 12
20930 Apr 13
20526 Dec 13
20386 Jul 13
Ebbsfleet Academy: when is an academy
not an Academy
20023 Oct 13


Chaucer Technology College, Canterbury

KCC took the highly controversial decision to close what was a few years ago the most popular school in Canterbury, at the end of the summer, because of low numbers and severe financial problems. A more up to date article appears here

Swan Valley School/Ebbsfleet Academy

The controversial Swan Valley School that belatedly became Ebbsfleet Academy in November has remarkably featured three times with completely different stories. Not surprisingly struggles to attract students, although in an area with a shortage of places.

 Marlowe Academy, Ramsgate

Kent's oldest academy has struggled since it opened in 2008. Cannot attract sufficient students to be viable in another area with a shortage of spaces. It remains a mystery why government has not acted to put it out of its misery. 

Dover Road Primary School, Northfleet 

KCC mismanaged place provision four years ago, increased its size to dig out of the hole, helping it into Special Measures again. Now been taken over by Reach2, an academy group. 

Two Catholic Schools placed in Special Measures

St Edmund's Catholic School, Dover (secondary) and St Philip Howard Catholic Primary School, Herne Bay, were both placed in Special Measures last year, the OFSTED Reports both making clear that poor governance was a major factor, parents steering clear of both. St Edmund's is to be taken over as an academy, St Philip Howard was closed by the Diocese.

Kent Freedom Pass

KCC got itself into a mess trying to scale down the highly popular Freedom Pass to save money. Subsequent to this article, it had to partially reverse its new policy. This is explained in a subsequent article, here


Information Articles
Item Title Hits Date
Kent Grammar School Applications 85687 Oct 10
Kent Special Schools and Units 41071 Nov 10
Kent Secondary School Admissions 37252 Sept 10
Kent Grammar School Appeals 25481 Oct 10
Peter J Read - what I offer 22830 Sept 10
Kent Secondary Statistics, Admissions and Appeals 21065 Oct 10
Can I help you and how much will it cost? 20074 Sept 10


Medway Grammar School Applications                     18831  Oct 10  
Primary School Admissions 15979 Oct 10
Telephone Consultation Service 15035 Sept 10
School Transport & Appeals 14444 Sept 10


Kent Special Schools and Units

The worrying feature about the popularity of this page is that it appears the only source of information about the  different specialisms of Special Schools and Units across the county, vital information for parents trying to find the right provision for their child. Too often I talk to parents who have been recommended one school by KCC, and there is another better suited which is also accessible. 

School Statistics

A series of pages collecting statistics about school admissions and appeals, and a rather out of date one (I have just discovered) about Special Education. Most of these are in news items scattered through out the website, but collated here. This information is uniquely published on this website, Medway  secondary statistics (9284), and primary statistics (7322) also being very popular. 

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  • Comment Link Sunday, 20 April 2014 22:48 posted by The Truth Seeker

    The Truth Seeker is particularly concerned to see that yet another person is being castigated from the pulpit. This is our first experience but we somehow doubt that it will be the last.... It's is widely known that many threats that are dressed up to look like statements and have been made from the Chapel. The Chapel is meant to be a place of safety from which the students can find the independent listener - not the biased speaker.

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