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Sunday, 21 October 2012 16:21

Amazing Week for the website

Written by

The current website for has now been running since February 2011, and the past week has seen record browsing in a number of categories. The previous month with the largest overall number of visitors was March 2012, when both primary and secondary school allocations were released; there being 16976 visitors to the site. For October 2012, there are already 20706 visitors with a week still to go. The peak date was last Thursday, immediately after the Kent 11 plus results were published, with 2568 visitors in total. 

However, the most remarkable figures have been reached by the individual news items published in the past seven days since eleven plus results were released with over a thousand visitors looking at the full article for three of the six most recent items, in addition to over 800 subscribers who receive these articles automatically. This does not count ........


all those who just browse the headlines. At the time of writing, in order, these articles are: Kent 11 Plus results for September 2013 entry, (1738 visitors); Medway Test results and change in maximum score for Kent Test (1233 times); and Kent Eleven plus results and my Telephone Consultation Service  (1247visitors). 

Telephone consultation numbers are also well up (still working hard, this is a brief respite), possibly as a result of this high level of activity.  

A great sadness is the large number of parents from outside Kent and Medway desperately seeking advice who, although I clearly explain I am unable to help, still try and secure my services. In answer to the commonest question, no there is no one else of whom I am aware that offers a remotely similar service anywhere else in the country. Local Authorities will usually run a help line, but are not allowed to wander into the detail, or local knowledge and advice I cover, including: differences between schools - grammar, super selective, church schools, academies, popular schools what if you are likely to be offered an unpopular school;levels of oversubscription, what schools to put on your application from and in what order; what to expect of different appeal panels, etc, that I am free to discuss objectively. It also means that my skills and experience are not transferable to situations in other parts of the country, even though it is apparent that many parents are desperate but, in addition, I am fully extended and this is self-preservation.

I have too many enquiries from people in what I call the M25 circle who have taken a number of grammar school tests in different counties and tell me they will move to Kent if they get offered a school place (at the expense of a local child!).  Too many of these know nothing of Kent and want information they could easily get from a prospectus - these tend to be the most persistent for some reason, and I am often tempted to break my rule of always responding to an enquiry. I have too many enquiries from people who try and pretend they live in Kent or Medway or are planning to move,  - and London Boroughs once in Kent are not covered - but I appreciate these parents are also anxious to obtain advice. These are readily apparent as what they want to know rarely fits what I have to offer, which is nearly always based on where people reside. 

However, I like to think every Kent and Medway parent who has asked for advice has had at least a brief response which I hope has been helpful - and many thank me for it!

And now back to more phone consultations!

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