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Friday, 04 May 2012 16:54

If you think you are having a bad time at appeals -read on!

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Judd School Appeals have taken place this week, with Skinners at the end of the month.  This is for entry in September 2012.



Last year a number of  parents, whose boys were unsuccessful in their appeals for places at the two schools in September 2011, complained to the Local Government Ombudsman.  In September, the Ombudsman recommended that the families were entitled to fresh appeals. However, the governors of the two schools, both run by The Skinners Company, a London Livery Company,  chose to defy this recommendation. There has been further fruitless discussion between the two sides, but the fact remains this is the only case I have heard of where such defiance has occurred. The Ombudsman does not have powers to force fresh appeals, in the face of such behaviour, but will no doubt be applying further pressure in order to attempt to persuade governors to toe the line. I understand the Ombudsman is preparing a Report to be published, which will no doubt make public her displeasure. However, those parents have now been waiting for nearly a year for justice - and if only  a fresh appeal had been granted, and then been unsuccessful, at least they would know where they were.  

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