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Wednesday, 02 May 2012 10:49

OFSTED: Kent Primary Standards

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At last we are seeing a slight improvement in Kent's primary school OFSTED record, as St Nicholas Primary School, New Romney is the latest to respond to its "Notice to Improve" by, to quote the headteacher: ""The whole school community has worked hard as a team to bring about the improvements noted by OFSTED"".  Other schools that have recently seen the same improvement are: .........

Brenchley and Matfield; Chantry School, Gravesend; Molehill Copse and Oak Trees in Maidstone; and Halstead Primary School. Downsview went one better and, from its shocking performance in 2011,  has seen a complete turn around to become a Good School according to OFSTED earlier this year. It is difficult from the outside to know how much of this good news is down the the headteachers, or the staff, or the Kent Challenge programme, or the leadership from the new Director of Education - Mr Patrick Leeson (ex-OFSTED), but the recent welcome spate of Good OFSTED inspection reports, suggests this is beginning to happen at all levels. Unfortunately, it is two steps forward one back, as four schools have now slipped back to inadequate status in the same period, but Kent does appear to be heading in the right direction, even if there is some way to go to come up to national standards.  



Number of Schools


Outstanding % Good % Satisfactory % Inadequate %
National 8 47 40 5
Kent 224 7 37 50 6
Medway 48 0 42 51 8
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