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Saturday, 17 March 2012 12:54

11 Plus Exams

Written by

I am repeatedly asked why any mention of me is banned from the commercial 11 plus exams website, except by indirect reference to "he who must not be named". The ban includes asterisking out any reference to me or this website, or simply censoring entries by deleting them. Sadly, as any such reference is almost certainly providing information or advice gleaned from , the website, ostensibly set up to provide information, is depriving its browsers of this.

The reason is quite simple......

11 plus exams website is a highly commercial operation. via the shop and services it offers to those seeking tutors who have paid to advertise, and a wide series of books and coaching materials catering for parents who wish to prepare their children for 11 plus exams. The forums have the attraction of encouraging people on to the site.  One of the policies of the website is to ban any other commercial business that might impinge on their activities, which hasn't paid for the privilege. Although in no way does my business overlap their enormous operation, it is caught up in this policy and so the 320 unique pages (and rising) of information, comment and advice about education in Kent and Medway, including school admissions and appeals is barred, because of the four or five pages outlining my professional work. 

Sadly, as a result of this, I don't, as I once did, contribute to the forum, but do get exasperated when people plagiarise my work and post it without acknowledgement of any kind.

The website carries a fierce copyright warning, threatening anyone guilty of plagiarism. Unfortunately I do not have the same resources. However I am pleased that over 100,000 people have visited my site in the past 14 months.  





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