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Sunday, 04 July 2021 08:23

Tunbridge Wells Primary and Secondary Schools: Further Admission Data for 2021

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There is an interesting and valuable response to an FOI via the 'What do They Know' website detailing the cut-off distances for admission to town Tunbridge Wells primary schools and some secondary schools over the past three years. I give the primary school data below, along with the results for three of the secondary schools: Bennett Memorial, Skinners and St Gregory's Catholic. Unfortunately, although the enquirer asked for the three TW non-selective schools, KCC offered Skinners instead of Skinners Kent Academy, so I hope to be able to update this in time. 

I have also included the levels of oversubscription/vacancy numbers for the primary schools this year, and further details on the secondary.

My own report on oversubscription levels in Tunbridge Wells primary, Tunbridge Wells non-selective, and West Kent grammar schools are via the links. 

 Primary Schools
The 2021 picture is very different from just four years ago, when there was only one school with vacancies amongst the town schools, and Langton Green was one of the most oversubscribed schools in the county. 

The table below confirms Claremont as one of the most oversubscribed schools in Kent this year, with all children who were offered places there, except possibly Children in Care and siblings, living less than a quarter of a mile from the school. The biggest loser since then is Langton Green with its 12 vacancies, the last distance of 25 miles being likely to be a family moving into the area, with Temple Grove being the most improved, having all of the TW vacancies that year, 24 in total.   

 Tunbridge Wells Primary Schools: Furthest Distances Offered 2021
No First/
Last distance offered (miles)
School 2021 2020 2019
Bidborough CofE  4 2.164 1.788 1.842
Bishops Down  2 1.003 0.711 0.956
Broadwater Down  (5) 0.537 28.054 2.359
Claremont 54 0.242 0.361 0.271
Langton Green (12) 25.071 1.826 2.285
Skinners Kent 14      
Southborough CofE  (2) 33.157 2.926 0.966
Speldhurst CofE  2 1.989 0.582 1.747
St Augustine's Catholic  (15) 2.766 1.329 12.534
St James' CofE V 11 0.502 0.392 0.604
St John's Cof E 12 0.477 0.432 0.555
St Mark's Cof E (7) 24.838 2.842 27.366
St Matthew's High Brooms CofE   (15) 1.639 2.311 2.977
St Peter's CofE 13 0.546 1.017 0.6
Temple Grove  (0) 1.408 1.316 0.842
Wells Free  6 0.406 0.542 0.374
Secondary Schools
The data for Bennett and St Gregory's Catholic School in the table is almost meaningless as explained here. So, knowing that the furthest child offered a place in the lowest category lives 2.932 miles from the school tells us nothing about which category it applies to. For children in higher categories, their place of residence is irrelevant provided it is in the United Kingdom. Similarly for St Gregory's with a distance of 0.96 miles in the lowest category. 

The Skinners School is a very different situation, the rules being explained here. The distance of 2.418 miles quoted for boys living in the West Kent area applies to a fixed number of 140 places for boys who have scored 360 or more in the Kent Test (not including siblings and those on pupil premium). The background to this is explained in the Individual Schools section. 




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  • Comment Link Thursday, 22 July 2021 07:40 posted by Year 6 to be mum

    Thank you as a parent of a soon to be year 6 looking at secondary schools the information for Bennett is actually very useful as it shows the last children admitted came from the category of c of e families attached to the church which is category E according to Bennett’s admission policy. I agree the St Gregory’s information is fairly meaningless. PETER: My pleasure

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