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Wednesday, 10 February 2021 19:09

What Schools Needed to Prepare for in Case of a Pandemic, 2007.

Written by

Update: You will find a link to the full document below. A fascinating read. 

School closures in the face of a pandemic may appear to be a new phenomenon, but in 2006 the government published guidance to schools, local authorities and others on planning for a human flu epidemic. The guidance explained the potential impact of a pandemic, which could lead to 25-50% of the population being infected during the pandemic, and between 50,000 and 750,000 people in the UK dying as a result. It all sounds horribly familiar and equally improbable in those days. However, the guidance set out the reasons why schools might have to close for pupils for a period of up to a term, and their expectations on schools to provide an education for those pupils in a lengthy boooklet. 

This was updated the following year, the front cover introduction to the 2007 draft version being reproduced below, including advice to pupils without access to new technologies.  

It begs the question of whether such guidance was in place for 2020, or was it, as it appears, left to develop policy on the hoof? 

 Government Advice for a Pandemic


Following a number of enquiries, I have pleasure in enclosing the full document here with thanks to the anonymous headteacher who found it whilst spring cleaning school records. 

Much of it is common sense, but if it or a later version had been dusted down at the start of this pandemic, it might have saved a lot of anxiety and wrong steps being taken by the government!

For a nerd like myself, it is fascinating to see the education on the cusp of introducing new technologies.




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  • Comment Link Wednesday, 10 February 2021 23:12 posted by Primary Headteacher (details supplied)

    Therefore it is hardly a surprise we are in the current chaos of school non-planning as we sail on into the darkness. What an indictment of Williamson and Gibb.

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