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Medway Secondary Schools & Academies D-F

Updated  February 2021

You will find an initial article on 2020 allocations here, an article on 2020 oversubscription data for Medway grammar schools here, and for non-selective schools hereFor Grammar School Preferences, only grammar qualified are counted. The PAN is the Published Admission Number and refers to the number of places available in the year group for each school. If additional places were offered, I have recorded this under PAN.  

A Report on 2019 Appeals Outcomes here. For Attainment 8 and Progress 8 and further information on the performance of all Medway schools with 2019 GCSE scores go to here for explanation. In the Individual performance table, under KS5 Progress heading for 2019, you will find a figure like this: -0.37(BA,104,D+, 60). This tells you that the school in question has a Progress performance level at A Level, of -0,37, which is Below Average, 104 students took at least one A Level with an average Grade of D+, with 60 students taking three A Levels. 

Fort Pitt Grammar School. Situated in the site and some buildings of the old Fort Pitt. Has capacity for and had intake of 180, but reduced to 120 quite a few years ago, but has been back up to 150 for the past two years.   Part of the Fort Pitt Thomas Aveling (FPTA) Academies Trust. Has not had an Ofsted inspection sinceOutstanding March 2009, having converted to academisation in February 2012 and subject to a policy not to re-inspect Outstanding schools that has now been withdrawn. Has unusual oversubscription criteria, broadly giving preference to girls living within two miles of the school, then on the Hoo Peninsula. The latter is because these girls would otherwise find it very difficult to access a Medway grammar if they were not super-selective. Up to 2019 almost no out of Medway girls were offered places, but the 2020 change at Rochester Grammar giving priority to local girls changed this, hitting Fort Pitt hardest. Every one of the 139 first preferences won a place and 20 girls living outside Medway were awarded places, including 12 from Kent. Has not admitted more than four girls on appeal for the past six years. Until at least 2019 it applied the Review process rule fiercely

Very difficult to win an appeal with no more than four succeeding in any of the past six years. Until 2019 it was essential to have passed the Medway Test, but in that year two of the four successes had not passed, probably not having gone to appeal. It may be easier this year with little pressure on places. 

1st preferences
not offered
2016 120 137 35
2017 120 157 33
2018 120
2019 150 118 18
2020 150 139 0
2021 150 143 2


Appeals Heard
2014 34 4
2015 36 3
2016 41 4
2017 59 3
2018 39 4
2019 41  4
2020 25  2
2016 - 4 of the 20 who had passed had appeals upheld
2017 - 3 of the 36 who had passed had appeals upheld
2018 - 4 of the 14 who had passed had appeals upheld
2019 - 2 of the 9 who had passed had appeals upheld 
2020 - None of those appealing had previously passed.  
Appeals heard by a Panel dedicated to the one school.  
Progress 8
Attainment 8
Grade 5 & above
Eng and Maths
KS5 Progress
2016 0.02 62.4  
2017 0.32(AA) 60.8  75%  -0.17(BA)
2018 0.41(AA) 64.5 79%   -0.04(A)
2019 0.36(AA) 65.2 87% -0.15(BA,93,C+,92)


 Fort Pitt Ofsted Performance
Mar 2009  Full Outstanding
May 2006 Full Good