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Thanet Primary Schools

Updated September 2018

Entries on this page include the OFSTED Grade for each Primary School as they are published, also recording change from previous Inspection result, together with some other relevant information below. It is worth using the search engine on the Home Page to pick up other references to individual schools.

You can read the full Report on each Primary School at OFSTED. Each school is awarded a main Grade: Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement (previously Satisfactory), and Inadequate (two sub categories - A school that has serious weaknesses is inadequate overall and requires significant improvement but leadership and management are judged to be Grade 3 or better - A school that requires special measures is one where the school is failing to give its pupils an acceptable standard of education and the school’s leaders, managers or governors have not demonstrated that they have the capacity to secure the necessary improvement in the school). Each Report carries a brief description of the school before justifying its decision in more detail. If a school is in Special Measures or Serious Weaknesses, the results of further monitoring visits are noted.

You will find a good website to provide a host of factual data about Kent schools here.

You will find an item about Thanet primary school offers in April 2018, looking at oversubscription and vacancies here. For 2017 here, for 2016 here, and for 2015 here.

Reports published post-August 2017 are in the first table, followed by other tables containing older ones (a school may have been inspected late in the summer term of 2017 with a report published after 1st September 2017).




Date Change
Chilton, Ramsgate(A)
Mar 18
No change 
Drapers Mills, Margate (A) Good  Mar 18 Up one 
Garlinge, Margate Good Mar 18  No change
Holy Trinity & St John's CofE, Margate
Good Nov 17 No change
Minster CofE  Good Nov 17 No change
Northdown, Margate (A) Requires Improvement Nov 17 No change
Priory Infant, Ramsgate Good Feb 18 No change
Ramsgate Arts (F)
May 18 1st Inspect
St Laurence in Thanet CofE
Junior Academy (A), Ramsgate
Good Jun 18 No change
St Saviour's CofE Junior, Westgate Good Mar 18 No change




Date Change
Junior,  Ramsgate


Oct 16 
Up one 
Salmestone Primary, Margate Requires Improvement  July 16 No change 
Cliftonville Primary, Margate Outstanding Nov 16  Up two
Good Feb 17 No change
Ellington Infant Good Feb 17 Up one
Newington Community Primary, Ramsgate Outstanding Mar 17 Up one
Newlands Primary, Ramsgate Good May 17 Up one
St Gregory's Catholic PrimaryMargate
Requires Improvement May 17 No change





Date Change
 Birchington CofE  Good Jan 16   Up one
Dame Janet Primary
Academy, Ramsgate
Requires Improvement May 16 Up one

Effective Action to remove SM Sep 15
 Requires Improvement  Jan 16  Up one
St Crispin's, Westgate  Good  Jan 16  No change
St Laurence in Thanet Junior
Academy, Broadstairs
Requires Improvement  May 16 No change
St Mildred's Infant, Broadstairs Outstanding Jan 16 Up one

You will find an article referring to Drapers Mills here

Extract from Thanet Section of article about Oversubscription and Vacancies in Kent Primary Schools in 2015: "Just threeschools at the north or Margate end of Thanet have vacancies, Garlinge, which appears to have few problems, with 34, and two schools disastrously run by Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT), Drapers Mills with 43 and Salmestone with four. All the other eight schools are turning away first choices".




Date Change
Bromstone, Broadstairs  Good  Mar 15  Up one
Academy, Margate
Proprietor's Statement not fit for purpose
Academy Action Plan not fit for purpose
Oct 14
Reasonable progress to removing SM
Mar 15
Palm Bay, Cliftonville  Good  Oct 14 No change
St Ethelbert's RC, Ramsgate Good Jul 15 No change
Upton Junior, Broadstairs Outstanding Nov 14 Up one

Information from Oversubscription Survey of Kent primary schools, for entry September 2014.

Thanet has also been a pressure point for years with parents trying to avoid a number of low performing or OFSTED failed schools. The polarisation of choice is very sharp here, with Priory Infants turning away 42 first choices, followed by Palm Bay and St Crispin’s Infants (35) and Holy Trinity and St John’s CofE (25) and Callis Grange Infants, also 25. Just four schools have all 112 vacancies between them, Bromstone, Dame Janet Academy, Drapers Mill and Garlinge. These four schools also have the large majority of the 94 Local Authority Allocations.




Date Change
Birchington CofE Requires Improvement Sep 13  No change
Garlinge, Margate Good Jun 14 Up one
Dame Janet Primary Academy Requires Improvement Feb 14 1st academy insp
Drapers Mills Primary Academy Special Measures Jun 14 Down one


(see below)

After SW school improvement plan fit for purpose 
sponsor statement of action fit for purpose
Nov 13
reasonable progress towards removal of SW  Jun 14
Northdown, Margate  (see below) Good Jun 14 Up one
Priory InfantsRamsgate Good Feb 14 No change
Salmestone, Margate (see below) Requires Improvement Jun 14 No change
St Joseph's CatholicBroadstairs Good Sep 13 No change
St Saviours CofE Junior, Westgate Good Mar 14 No change

 Critical OFSTED Report on TKAT, the Academy Trust responsible for: Dame Janet; Drapers Mills; Newlands; Northdown; Salmestone published July



Date Change
Bromstone, Broadstairs Requires Improvement Mar 13 No change
Chilton, Ramsgate Good Mar 13 Up one
Garlinge, Margate Requires Improvement Mar 13 No change
Holy Trinity & St John's CofE, Margate Good Jun 13 No change
Minster CofE Good Nov 12 Up one
Newlands * Serious Weaknesses Jun 13 Down one
St Mary's Catholic, Margate Requires Improvement Mar 13 No change
St Laurence in Thanet CE Junior Academy Requires Improvement Jan 14 No change
St Peter in Thanet CofE Junior, Broadstairs Requires Improvement May 13 Down one

* Newlands is now an academy run by The Kemnal Academies Trust, along with  Northdwon and Salmestone. Since conversion its OFSTED reating has declined from satisfactory to Serious Weaknesses

Pre September 2012 Reports

School Grade Date Comments
Birchington CofE Primary Satisfactory Mar 2012
Bromstone Primary, Broadstairs Satisfactory Mar 2011
Christ Church CfE Junior, Ramsgate Special Measures Oct 2010

Satisfactory Progress Mar 2011, satis Prog Jun 2011, Satis progress Oct 2011,

see below

Christ Church CfE Junior, Ramsgate Satisfactory Mar 2012 see above
Cliftonville Prmary, Margate Satisfactory Jun 2012
Dame Janet Community Infants, Ramsgate Special Measures Feb 2012 Inadequate progress Jul 2012
Dame Janet Community Junior, Ramsgate Satisfactory May 2011
Drapers Mill Primary , Margate * Satisfactory Mar 2011
Garlinge Primary, Margate Satisfactory Jan 2011
Minster CofE Primary Satisfactory Sep 2010
Monkton CofE Primary, Margate Outstanding Oct 2011
Newlands Primary, Ramsgate * Satisfactory Mar 2011
Newington Communty Primary, Ramsgate Good Jun 2012
Priory Infant Good Sep 2010
St Crispin's Community Infant, Westgate Good May 2011
St Gregory's Catholic Primary Satisfactory Nov 2010
St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Broadstairs Good Jun 2011
St Laurence in Thanet CofE Junior Satisfactory May 2010
St Mildred's Infant, Broadstairs Good Mar 2011
Upton Junior Good Jun 2010

Admission Issues for September 2012 Entry (written March 2012)

Although pressure on Primary School places in Thanet is just as serious as in other parts of the county, it is often not considered by the media and others, as some parts  of the county clearly have a higher profile.

The 2009 KCC paper forecast there would be no vacant spaces in Thanet for 2011. Thanet divides into two for KCC purposes, a north end, centred on Margate, and a south end around Ramsgate. Most pressures come in the south. Most problems in the north were dissipated in 2011 by adding in 30 places at Drapers Mill Primary School. For 2012 entry, KCC  has added in another 60 places in three schools resulting in 93 free places and a reduction of 11 to 37 allocations.

However, in south Thanet, the situation is far tighter. For 2011 entry, another 15 places were introduced at Bromstone Primary School, allowing 23 children to be allocated to the school who had not applied for it, leaving a total of just  23 places free. In total 40 children were allocated places by KCC.

For 2012, a further 60 places were provided, 30 each at Callis Grange Nursery and Infant School and Newlands Primary School. Even with this input, there were just 8 places free across the whole area, 7 at Bromstone Primary. 65 places were allocated to the only three schools that would in any case have had vacancies, Newlands, Bromstone and Dame Janet Community Infant. One has to ask why it is that across the county a high proportion of those schools being expanded are amongst the least popular.  Once again one senses that KCC is reduced to providing sufficient school places in the area, without regard to their suitability to try and match parental choice.