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Gravesham Primary Schools

 Updated October 2019

Entries on this page include the OFSTED Grade for each Primary School updated twice a year, also recording change from previous Inspection result, together with some other relevant information below. It is worth using the search engine on the Home Page to pick up other references to individual schools.

You will find advice on Primary school Admissions and Appeals here

You can read the full Report on each Primary School at OFSTED. Each school is awarded a main Grade: Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement (previously Satisfactory), and Inadequate (two sub categories - A school that has serious weaknesses is inadequate overall and requires significant improvement but leadership and management are judged to be Grade 3 or better - A school that requires special measures is one where the school is failing to give its pupils an acceptable standard of education and the school’s leaders, managers or governors have not demonstrated that they have the capacity to secure the necessary improvement in the school). Each Report carries a brief description of the school before justifying its decision in more detail. If a school is in Special Measures or Serious Weaknesses, the results of further monitoring visits are noted.

A majority of the schools that have previously had a 'Good' or 'Outstanding' assessment are given a Short Inspection (known as Section 8). These are indicated by 'Good (S). These will be confirmed in their assessment grade. However for some of these schools, the Inspection Team may consider that there are concerns, or in the case of a Good school, grounds for raising the Grade and this can only be done by a full Section Five Grade. These are recorded for example as  'Outstanding (SC) or 'Good (SR). 

You will find an analysis of oversubscription and vacancies for  Gravesham Primary Places for September 2019 Allocations here, for 2018 here, for 2017 here, and for 2016 here.

You will find a good website to provide a host of factual data about individual Kent schools here.

Reports on Inspections between between September 2018 and July 2019  are in the first table, followed by other tables containing older ones.

(A) Indicates the school is an Academy (2017 onwards)

 OFSTED REPORTS Sep 2018 - July 2019


Date Change
Copperfield (A)* Special Measures Jan 19 Down one
Culverstone  (A) Good (S) Oct 18 No change
Holy Trinity CofE VA
Sep 18 
Up one
Istead Rise (A)**
Sep 18
Up two
Meopham Community (A)
Good (S)
Oct 18
No change
Riverview Infant (A)
Good (S)
Oct 18
No change

 *Copperfield Academy has had a dreadful record for as long as I have run this website, most recently covered here. You will find a positive Monitoring Report here.  

** Istead Rise has also had a dreadful history both as a KCC school and being run by Meopham Community Trust. Now run by Swale Academies Trust and Good for the first time. See Ofsted record below.



Date Change
Higham Good Jun 18 No change
Kings Farm Good May 18 Up one
Nov 17
No change
Rosherville CofE Academy (A)
Nov 16
No change
Shears Green Junior
Nov 17
No change
Shorne CofE (A)
Oct 17
No change
Nov 17
No change
St Botolph's CofE (A)
Sep 17
No change
St John's Catholic Good Apr 18 No change

 Item on Copperfield Academy here



Date Change
Wrotham Road Primary Good July 16 Up one
Sedley's Cof E VA Primary Good Nov 16 No change
Copperfield Academy Requires Improvement Sept 16
Up one
Chantry Community Academy Good Dec 16 Up two
Whitehill Primary Good Jan 17 No change
Tymberwood Academy Good Feb 17 Up two
Shears Green Infant Good Mar 17 No change
Painters Ash Primary Good Jun 17 Up one



Date Change
Cecil Road Good May 16 Up one
Chantry Effective action to remove SM Dec 15
Holy Trinity CofE VA  Requires Improvement  Mar 16  No change
Kings Farm*
Effective action to remove SM Sep 15
Effective action to remove SM    Jan 16
Requires Improvement May 16 Up one
Riverview Junior  Requires Improvement  May 16  No change
Vigo Village Good Feb 16 no change

* Article on renaissance of Kings Farm here


Excerpt from Gravesham section of article on oversubscription and vacancies in Kent primary schools 2015: "Gravesend and Northfleet families have most difficulties across Kent in finding good schools for their children".



Date Change
Chantry*  Special Measures  May 15  Down one
Culverstone Green Good Sep 14 No change
Istead Rise Not enough progress to removal of SM  Nov 14
Kings Farm**
 Special Measures  Oct 14  Down one
LA Statement of Action fit for purpose
School Action Plan fit for purpose
Jan 15
Reasonable Progress to remove SM May 15
Meopham Community Academy  Good  Nov 14  Down one
Painters Ash Requires Improvement Feb 15 No change

*Chantry: See article here. 

**Kings Farm: See article on Inspection Report here. Further article on Whitehill and Kings Farm here.

Information from Oversubscription Survey of Kent primary schools, for entry September 2014

Next up is probably Gravesham, and certainly the town where I have had most concerns expressed (Sevenoaks parents may be used to it!).  Quite simply, there are just two vacancies in the whole urban district of Gravesend and Northfleet, and 12 in the rural south at Vigo. Every other one of the 24 other schools is full. The two Catholic schools, St John’s in Gravesend (second in Kent), and St Joseph’s in Northfleet (last year’s most oversubscribed school) account for 86 first choices turned away. Here 129 children, 10% of the total applicants, were offered no school of their choice, five schools all of whom have had difficult histories, mopping up the large majority of these, headed up by Whitehill, with a remarkable 30 Local Authority Allocations out of its 90 places. No extra places created to tackle this issue, although I have been warning about it for some years.



Date Change


Oct 13 Up one
Holy Trinity CofE VA

Requires Improvement

Nov 13 Down one

Istead Rise
School Plan not fit for purpose
following SM (see below) 
Sep 13
Raynehurst Insufficient progress following SM Oct 13
Riverview Juniors Requires Improvement Jun 14 Down one
Rosherville CofE Satisfactory Progress following SM Dec 14
St Botolph's CofE VA  Requires Improvement  Oct 13  No change
St John's Catholic Good Jul 14 Down one
Wrotham Road Requires Improvement Apr 14 Down one

 2012-13 OFSTED Reports 



Date Change
Cobham Outstanding Nov 12 Up one
Dover Road Inadequate Monitoring Insp Feb 13
Progress since special measures – inadequate
Progress since previous monitoring inspection – inadequate
Jul 13
Istead Rise 
Special Measures Mar 13 Down one
LEA Statement not fit for purpose
School Plan not fit for purpose
May 13
Lawn Good Mar 13 Up one
Painters Ash Requires Improvement Feb 13 No change
Raynehurst  Special Measures Mar 13 Down one
LEA Statement fit for purpose
School Plan not fit for purpose
Jun 13
Riverview Infants Good Apr 13 Down one
Rosherville CofE Satisf progr from SM Oct 12
  Satisf progr from SM Mar 13
Shears Green Infant Good Jun 13 Up one
Shears Green Junior Good Oct 12 Up one
Shorne CofE Good Oct 12 Up one
Singlewell Good Apr 13 Up one
Westcourt Good Mar 13 Up one
Whitehill Good May 13 Up one

Both Raynehust and Dover Road are being taken over by Reach2 to become Sponsored academies. 

Pre September 2012 Reports

   School                                                                 Grade                   Date        Further Information             
Cecil Road Primary Satisfactory Sep 2011
Chantry Primary       
Special Measures Feb 2010

Satisfactory progress Sep  2010. Satisfactory progress Mar 2011           Good Progress Jun 2011, Nov 2011

Chantry Primary Satisfactory Mar 2012
Dover Road Primary Special Measures Jul 2011 Satisf Prog Jan 2012. Inadequate progress Jun 2012
  Inadequate prog Feb 13 Monitoring Inspection
Higham Primary Satisfactory Oct 2011
Holy Trinity Primary Good Feb 2011
Istead Rise Primary Satisfactory Mar 2011
Kings Farm Primary Satisfactory  Mar 2011
Lawn Primary Satisfactory Dec 2010
Painters Ash Primary Satisfactory Feb 2011
Raynehurst Primary Satisfactory Jun 2011
Riverview Junior
Notice to Improve Jan 2011 See below. Good progress May 2011
Riverview Junior Good Jul 2011
Rosherville CofE Primary Special Measures Feb 2012 Unsatisfactory Progress Jul 2012
Singlewell Primary Satisfactory Mar 2011
Whitehill Primary Satisfactory Jul 2011
Wrotham Road Primary Good Jul 2011
Vigo Village Good Jan 2011

Chantry Primary School working in tandem with Meopham Community Academy for a year from Jun 2011 under executive Head from Meopham.

Riverview Junior School: The notice to improve was issued solely because the schoool failed to complete satfety checks on staff, thus potlentially placing children at risk. This is part of the statutory safeguarding required, where failure to comply produces an automatic failure at an OFSTED Inspection. The Report states: "Were it not for the safeguarding weakness noted, this would be a good school with a number of outstanding features". The July 2011 Report confirms it is back to its previous status as a good school.