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Dartford Primary Schools


Updated May 2020

Coronavirus; There are a number of articles on this site exploring the implications of the pandemic on school applications and appeals. You will find them by putting 'Coronavirus' in the search engine on the top left hand corner of this page. This page contains outcomes of Ofsted Inspections carried out up until 4th February 20120, the last ones published before schools were closed. I estimate about another 10 will have been completed but results are waiting until schools are opened, which may not be until September. I think it most unlikely there will be any more this school year. 

Entries on this page include the OFSTED Grade for each Primary School updated twice a year, also recording change from previous Inspection result, together with some other relevant information below. It is worth using the search engine on the Home Page to pick up other references to individual schools.

You will find advice on Primary school Admissions and Appeals here

You can read the full Report on each Primary School at OFSTED. Each school is awarded a main Grade: Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement (previously Satisfactory), and Inadequate (two sub categories - A school that has serious weaknesses is inadequate overall and requires significant improvement but leadership and management are judged to be Grade 3 or better - A school that requires special measures is one where the school is failing to give its pupils an acceptable standard of education and the school’s leaders, managers or governors have not demonstrated that they have the capacity to secure the necessary improvement in the school). Each Report carries a brief description of the school before justifying its decision in more detail. If a school is in Special Measures or Serious Weaknesses, the results of further monitoring visits are noted.

A majority of the schools that have previously had a 'Good' or 'Outstanding' assessment are given a Short Inspection (known as Section 8). These are indicated by 'Good (S). These will be confirmed in their assessment grade. However for some of these schools, the Inspection Team may consider that there are concerns, or in the case of a Good school, grounds for raising the Grade and this can only be done by a full Section Five Grade. These are recorded for example as  'Outstanding (SC) or 'Good (SR). 

You will find an analysis of oversubscription and vacancies for  Dartford Primary Places for September 2019 Allocations here, for 2018 here, for 2017 here, and for 2016 here(2020 to follow). 

You will find a commercial site providing a comprehensive analysis of  different 11 Plus exams, preparation and appeals at 11 Plus Exams.

Reports on Inspections between between September 2019 and Feb 2020  are in the first table, followed by other tables containing older ones.

(A) Indicates the school is an Academy 

OFSTED REPORTS Sep 2019-4 Feb 2020


Date Change
Bean Good Nov 19 Up one
Craylands Good(S) Sep 19 No change
Horton Kirby CofE (A) Good(S) with Concerns Mar 20 No change
Knockhall (A) Requires Improvement Sep 19 Up one
Our Lady's Catholic Good (S) Feb 20 No change
Stone St Mary's CofE** (A) Good (S) Feb 20 No change
Sutton at Hone (A) Good Mar 20 No change
* Has avoided Inspection since 2013. 
** Last Kent Ofsted published before lock-down


Date Change
Anthony Roper Good (S) Jun 19 No change
Dartford Bridge Community* Special Measures Jan 19 Down Two
Joyden's Wood Junior (A)** Good (SC) Mar 19 No change
Langafel CofE VC Good (S)  Oct 18  No change
Manor Community (A) Good (S) Nov 18 No change
St Anselm's Catholic Good (S) Jun 19 No change
Temple Hill (A) Good Jun 19 Up one
Westgate (A)*** Good Mar 19 Up two

*Dartford Bridge Community: A shocking and sudden decline from 'Good' in just twelve months. The Report talks about decline over years, so begging two questions: how did it get Good in a Short Inspection just twelve months previously, suggesting the Short Inspection was itself inadequate: secondly what has happened with KCC monitoring given the warning of declining KS2 results. I understand that the headteacher went missing shortly before the inspection, but rarely does one see a statement such as:'Parents’ confidence and trust in the wider leadership of the school has broken down'.

**The Joyden's Wood concerns appear mainly historical now being addressed. Four years since previous inspection so no doubt plenty of work being done.

*** Another Kent school off the KCC failed list, by academisation. 




Date Change
Dartford Bridge Community  Good (S) Jan 18 No change
Dartford Primary Academy (A) Good Jan 18 First Inspection
Holy Trinity CofE Good  Sep 17  Up one
Joyden's Wood Infant (A) Good Apr 18 No change
Maypole Good Jun 18 No change
Wentworth (A) Good  Nov 17  No change 

 Knockhall Primary, previously a Lilac Sky school continues to be a matter of concern



Date Change
The Gateway Primary Academy Good  Jan 17  No change
New Ash Green Primary Good  Feb 17  No change 
The Brent Primary Outstanding Mar 17 Up two





Date Change
Hartley Primary Academy Outstanding Mar 16 Up one
St Anselm's Catholic Good Dec 15 No change

Excerpt from article in the Dartford section on oversubscription and vacancies in Kent primary schools: "There are no vacancies in any school in the town, but again, most parents have been offered one school of their choice, with 34 being allocated places by KCC, nearly all at Temple Hill or Holy Trinity CofE". 




Date Change
Darenth Requires Improvement Nov 14 No change
Fleetdown Outstanding Sep 14 No change
Horton Kirby CofE Good Feb 15 Up one
Joyden's Wood Junior Good Mar 15 Down one
Langafel CofE VC Good Mar 15 Up one
Oakfield Good Nov 14 No change
Temple Hill  Requires Improvement  Nov 14  No change
Westgate Reasonable progress from SM    Dec 14
Wilmington  Good  Jun 15  Up one

 Excerpt from an article on oversubscription in Kent's primary schools, 2014Dartford’s problems fall mainly on the Western side, where not one of its 16 primary schools has any vacancies, with Westgate (42 first choices turned away) and Brent (35) both in the top ten most popular schools across the county. With just 41 children being allocated by the Local Authority, most to the two very large infant schools, there are no schools that parents appear trying to avoid; however, 222 children, over 20% of the total did not get their first choice of school. Just 20 extra places were created to meet this demand. In the rest of the Borough, there are vacancies in just two schools, at Knockhall (14), which has 26 children allocated to it, and at Manor Primary in Swanscombe (8).




Date Change

Requires Improvement

Dec 13 No change
Dartford Bridge Community


Feb 14 No change
Joydens Wood Infant


Jun 14 Up one
Knockhall Community
After failed OFSTED March 13 (see below)
Local authority statement of action fit for purpose
School improvement action plan not fit for purpose.
Oct 13
Inadequate progress from SM May 14
Manor Community Good Nov 13 Up one
Maypole Good Oct 13  No change
Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Outstanding Nov 13 Up one
St Alban's Road Infants Good Oct 13 Up one
Stone St Mary's CofE Good May 14 Up one
Sutton at Hone CofE  Good Jan 13 Up one
Westgate Special Measures Dec 13 Down one
Local Authority Plan not fit for purpose
School Improvement Plan not fit for purpose

Mar 14

Reasonable progress towards removal of SM Jul 14
York Road Junior Academy Requires Improvement Dec 13 Up one

2012-13 OFSTED Reports 



Date Change
Bean Good Nov 12 Up one
Darenth Community Requires Improvement May 13 No change
Gateway Community Good Sep 12 Up one
Hartley Good Nov 12 Up one
Horton Kirby CofE Requires Improvement Feb 13 Up one
Insufficient progress from R.I.
Insuffiicient support from KCC
Jun 13
Knockhall Community Special Measures Mar 13 Down one
Langafel CofE VC Requires Improvement Mar 13 No change
New Ash Green Good Nov 12 Up one
Stone St Mary's CofE Requires Improvement Jan 13 No change
Temple Hill Community Requres Improvement Mar 13 No change
The Brent Requires Improvement Oct 12 No change
Wentworth Good Feb 13 New school
West Hill Good Mar 13 No change
Wilmington Requires Improvement Jun 13 No change

Pre September 2012 Reports

School Grade Date Further Information
The Craylands School Swanscombe Satisfactory  Jun 2012
Darenth Community Primary Satisfactory Jun 2010
Dartford Bridge Community Primary Good Oct 2010 first inspection of new school
Fleetdown Primary Outstanding Mar 2010
The Gateway Primary Satisfactory Nov 2010
Hartley Primary Satisfactory Feb 2011
Holy Trinity CofE Primary Good Jun 2012
Langafel CofE VC Primary Satisfactory Feb 2011
Manor Community Primary, Swanscombe Satisfactory Jan 2011
Oakfield Primary Good  Feb 2012
St Anselm's Catholic Primary Good Mar 2011
Sutton at Hone CofE Primary Satisfactory Nov 2010
Stone St Mary's CofE Primary Satisfactory Nov 2010
Temple Hill Community Primary Notice to Improve Dec 2009 good progress Jul 2010, see below
Temple Hill Community Primary Satisfactory Mar 2011 up from Notice to Improve
Westgate Primary Satisfactory Oct 2011
York Road Junior  School  & Language Unit Special Measures Nov 2011

The following primary schools had additional Reception intake places added in March for 2010 entry, to meet local pressures:

Manor Community Primary, up from 60 to 90 places

Maypole Primary up from 30 to 60 places