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Individual Schools - Kent Independent Education Advice

Individual School Information

Ypu will find in this section entries on every oversubscribed state secondary school, all Academies in Kent and Medway and some others. I am also building up the pages on  Primary Schools in Kent and Medway (mainly those which have had an OFSTED in the past year), together with comments on issues such as oversubscription pressures. You will also find something on each Special School. Entries are updated as time permits. If you want information on a particular school or comment on any entry in these pages, let me know and if relevant, I will include it. There is considerable information about some schools on other relevant pages, which can usually be tracked through the website search engine. There is considerable information about  Academies and Free Schools  here.

Thanks to those who have already sent in corrections or additions. I am happy to receive further comments and information.

If you are considering a school the OFSTED Report and School Performance Table are useful sources of information. With regard to the latter, the value added pages are often a more significant guide than the absolute performance. This is because the performance tables reflect the academic ability of the pupils as well as the quality of the teaching, and some school will focus on entering pupils for particular courses or else concentrating on performance in the tables at the extent of the quality of education. The latter is particularly evident at Key Stage 2 in Primary Schools. Do not just look at the first page of the tables, there is much valuable information on subsequent pages.

There is no mention of a few  secondary schools which have spare places and have not otherwise featured in the data I collect. Where an Appeal Panel is not mentioned for an oversubscribed or grammar school, it will have used a Kent or Medway Council Appeal Panel.

The Level of oversubscription (if any) of first choices at the beginning of March is indicated at the end of each entry, and is usually provided for several years. For grammar schools the figure relates only to children who have passed the Kent or Medway test. Clearly there was significant movement on waiting lists for many schools since then, so most of these figures will fall through the summer. 

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