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To Advertise on this Website

This service is available from 1st July 2015, so I anticipate that the number of advertisers will build steadily from that date.

If you wish to advertise on this website:, my basic offer is as follows:

I am accepting approved advertisements for educational services, which may include: tutoring; sale of test materials; adverts for individual establishments; etc.

On the right hand side of each page, where there are currently advertisements, I will provide a rotating button advert to your design, linking either to the page on which your main ad is displayed, or your website, by choice. These will each measure 250 pixels wide by 400 pixels deep. At the beginning, clearly these will receive greater coverage whilst there are fewer adverts to show. 

On the main advert page(s) you will have an advertisement measuring 570 pixels wide by 180 pixels well signposted from my home page although, if and as demand is sufficient I will split it into separate pages covering different geographical areas of Kent and Medway or by category to ensure that each advert and category is properly displayed. Advertisements placed by that time will show on as many of the appropriate pages as you wish at no extra cost in the first year. This advertisement can either stand alone, or else provide a link to a webpage of your design or website of your choice. For those who have no website, I can arrange for a webpage to be added for an additional fee, to your design.

I will be happy to increase the size of advertisements by arrangement, when there are sufficient to keep a balance.

In addition, I reserve the right not to accept advertisements or, at any time, to cancel advertisements and refund the proportion of your annual payment outstanding.

The website attracted 193,432 certified visits from 116,376 users in the past year, 57% of which were new visitors   so every one of these will see at least the button adverts once or more.

The annual cost will be payable in advance. Please let me know if you wish me to quote you, providing a brief outline of the services you offer, or ask if you have any further questions.